Hospitality: 5 Double-Use Tricks in a Dorm

Flashback Summer- Hospitality: 5 Double-Use Tricks in a Dorm
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Oh dorms. 

They're places of fun, learning, friendship, and yet still have a prison-y atmosphere to them if left "unhomified".  

All my college peeps, I'm right there with you.  Here are 5 handy (inexpensive, easy!) ways to make your dorm room (or even your house!) feel more like home using things you may already have more efficiently for double purposes.  It really goes along with the Depression-era mantra, "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!"

1.  Use all those free t-shirts/ donated/ found clothing items you get to make rugs, place mats, or bath mats from your room based on this tutorial.
These would also make great gifts for people!

2.  Turn a picture frame with glass in it into a dry erase board.
Or to draw mustaches on your favorite people.

3.  Save school newspapers/ old papers/ real newspapers.
Use them for drafting pattern pieces for your sewing projects by taping the sheets together into sheets big enough for your pattern pieces and trace!  (This works best with newspaper, big sheets to begin with.)  Or, use them to get smells out, put your muddy shoes on, art projects, pranks, etc.

4.  Use shower caddies like this one next to your sink/mirror to give yourself (and your roommate) more room.
Dorm sinks get used for everything, and there's nothing more annoying than brushing your teeth at 2 am after a long day of studying and realizing there's nowhere to spit 'cuz all your dishes are in there.  Utilize that vertical space as much as possible.

5.  Use your candle warmer as a coffee cup heater.
I have many a long study night, and there's nothing worse than pausing for a sip and getting icky, cold coffee.  Set a non-plastic coffee cup on a candle warmer to keep it hot!

What tricks like these have you guys discovered (even if you aren't in a dorm)?

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Flashback Summer- Hospitality: 5 Double-Use Tricks in a Dorm
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  1. What a fun list! I think this would be helpful for anyone setting up a first home on a budget (especially if we're talking about shared accommodations).

    ♥ Jessica