Vintage Pyrex Succulent Garden

Flashback Summer: Vintage Pyrex Succulent Garden

We went to the home improvement store for nails, but when we happened to walk by a clearance cart full of $1 succulents.... How could I not buy them?!  The nails turned into some potting soil... and some pebbles... and some plant fertilizer... and as my husband carried all the other bags I carefully carried six little succulents to the register, then held them on the car ride home.  The little plant babies have joined my indoor garden!

"God Is Good" Khanga Dress

Mungu ni mwema kwa watu wake.

For the past several months, I have been praying that God would send African families to our intercultural church.  We have people from all over the world, but we didn't have any families from the continent of Africa. It felt like our church family was missing something.

1930s Fixer Upper Dress

Flashback Summer: 1930s Fixer Upper - make do and mend dress

The vintage community is fantastic.  This dress was a gift from a fellow blogger, and I was delighted to find it was very close to my size already!  (A rare occurrence.)  It needed a couple mends and a bath in some Retro Clean to brighten up the white sections on the bow print and remove yellowing and age spots.  All I needed to do to make it my size was to shorten the straps a bit, and voila!  It fits!

Basic Sewing Win

Flashback Summer: 1940s White button down blouses - vintage button up shirt

After working on this pattern and making several versions of it (you can my first, second, third, and fourth versions in previous posts), I have finally perfected this pattern!  It is Simplicity 4762, and I am happy to say it is the first pattern I have completely and utterly conquered.  It fits perfectly, and I've made it up so many times now that I don't need instructions and I've figured out the best, most efficient way to sew it up.  


Flashback Summer: Turbanista, 1940s 1950s vintage

Flashback Summer: Turbanista, 1940s 1950s vintage

Someday I'll do my hair again, but lately... Why?  Why when there are head wraps in the world?  I've been wrapping almost every day this week, including earlier when I went to a new friend's house for brunch with my sister and donned a turban!

Flashback Summer: Turbanista, 1940s 1950s vintage

Flashback Summer: Turbanista, 1940s 1950s vintage

I've been working on getting better at using this type of wrap, a long rectangle.  I paired this turban with a blazer made from a 1940s pattern, my Freddies jeans, a t-shirt, and Swedish Hasbeen clogs. I was surprised at how modern this look seemed even though it's made of vintage repro pieces.  Good fashion is timeless!

My sister was nice enough to take some photos for me.  This is my first post with iPhone photos.  I'm still figuring out how it all works!

Flashback Summer: Turbanista, 1940s 1950s vintage

Outfit Details
jeans: Freddies of Pinewood Ton Up jeans
shoes: Swedish Hasbeens
earrings: Kenya