Lavender Falls Farm

Flashback Summer: Lavender Falls Farm - Clever, Missouri

One of the best parts of summer, in my opinion, are blooming lavender fields.  They don't last long, but while they're blooming they're some of the most beautiful sights to see!  In Missouri there are only a couple lavender farms, and one of them is about 30 minutes from where I live in Clever: Lavender Falls Farm.

Collaboration Outfit Fashion Photos

Flashback Summer: Collaboration Outfit Fashion Photos - African Outfit

As I shared about in my last post, I received this fabric c/o Ankara & Lace.  I took their style quiz, and I was quite pleased with this fabric they picked out!  I wanted to try something new with it, so I talked to my friend Esther.

4 Tips for Mixing Vintage & African Style with Ankara & Lace

Flashback Summer: 4 Tips for Mixing Vintage and African Style with Ankara & Lace

Our world is increasingly global, and we have the glorious opportunity to buy clothing from designers hailing from all over the world!  Whereas our foremothers were relegated to buying such fashions only if they could afford to go to resorts and buy a vacation wardrobe inspired by local aesthetics, we now have the chance to incorporate the beauty of diverse designers into our own wardrobes at a single click!  Today I'm partnering with Ankara and Lace, an African fabric subscription company, to help explore how to do this.

MAAM World War II Weekend

Flashback Summer: MAAM World War II Weekend 2017

I just had one of the most fun weekends ever!  As my husband is away for a couple months at military training, I decided to treat myself to a trip to meet Emily Stringham (of Emily's Vintage Visions) and her husband at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum World War II Weekend.  Emily and I have been internet friends for a while (I think we started blogging around the same time), so it was very exciting to meet her in person!

Middle East Novelty Prints 2.0

Flashback Summer: Middle East Inspired Vintage Novelty Prints

In a previous post a loooong time ago, I highlighted some of my favorite Middle East/North Africa themed novelty prints that I had found across the internet.  I thought it would be fun to do an update post, for since then I've acquired some of the prints on that list and some new ones popped up along the way!

PUG Petites - Jenny Skirt & Peasant Top

Flashback Summer: PUG Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny skirt Italian riviera & black peasant top

I'm always glad when companies offer petite sizes.  As a short person, I often find reproduction garments that fit in the bust, hips, and waist... but they're all in the wrong spots.  The waist is below mine because the torso is cut too long for me, the apex of the hips are at mid-thigh because the skirt is so long.  Busts fit but shoulders and necklines are too wide. These things are fixable, but it's often an involved process, and--honestly--not usually worth it to me to do on a reproduction item.

Enter PUG petites!  I am pleased to show you a skirt from their petite line, the Petite Jenny skirt in Yellow Italian Landscape.  I've paired it with the black peasant top.  These are my first pieces from PUG, so I was intrigued to examine the quality and see if the sizing really worked for me.  Admittedly, I'm also branching out for a silhouette that I haven't worn much... but I have to say I felt FABULOUS!