Controversial Post: Intercultural Repro Reviews

Flashback Summer - Intercultural Vintage Reproduction Reviews - Cultural appropriation?
You may have seen some of the drama relating to intercultural-vintage pieces available in reproduction shops lately (intercultural-vintage being my word for vintage-styled pieces that draw aesthetics from a usually non-Western culture).  The most notable seems to have surrounded the Dragon Print series from PUG, and it got some pretty strong responses.  I am not at all here to pick sides in any of these arguments; I just want us to take a pause and look at some other intercultural-vintage pieces and discuss them.

1939 Wearing History Ensemble

Flashback Summer - 1939 Wearing history sewing pattern - 1930s fashion

As you guys know, I'm a fan of the Wearing History vintage reproduction patterns.  When Lauren, the owner, asked if I'd sew up the 1939 ensemble pattern and photograph it, I was happy to oblige!  She didn't have any pictures of the pattern actually sewn up and styled for the site, so this was a way to help my favorite pattern company and get an awesome pattern in the process.