Joanie Boatneck Sweater - Poison Grrls

I'm always looking for projects to use up the yarns in my stash, and when I saw Poison Grrls release their new pattern, the Joanie Boatneck Sweater, I knew it would be perfect! There are five colors on the garment, so it was perfect to use the odd fingering-weight yarn balls I had left over from other projects.

Vintage Crochet Gladiola Crown

I didn't have *any* matching accessories for a playsuit I just got, so clearly I had to remedy that! In the spirit of make do and mend during a pandemic, I checked my stash to see what I had in coordinating colors. No extra cost, no extra trips out!

Munro Sweater - Vintage Shetland Project

Say hello to my FIRST. FAIR ISLE. SWEATER!

This has been one of the most enjoyable, learning-filled knitting projects that I've ever done! I loved watching the design grow row by row, and I tried out new techniques that I'd never used before, mainly steeks.

(TLDR details at the bottom!)

Tongue-Tied Blouse Resources

I've finished my Tongue Tied Blouse by the Poison Grrls! I absolutely *love* it and will definitely be making it again... a few dozen more times!

One of the things that I've really enjoyed about this pattern is that it has stretched me as a knitter. I don't use modern patterns a lot, and--believe it or not--some new developments have happened in knitting over the last 80 years, ha! I was able to learn several new-to-me techniques throughout this project. 

Controversial Post: Wearing Military Garments?

Military uniforms have influenced civilian fashion since uniforms have existed! There's something about the design and meaning of military uniforms that continues to inspire people all over the world. But who can wear them, and when is it appropriate?