Women's Equality Day & The Skirted Soldier

Women's Equality Day The Skirted Soldier - tea WAC WW2
In the U.S., today is Women's Equality Day! I'm celebrating by looking back at women who paved the way and trying out some new tea flavors from The Skirted Soldier, a female veteran-owned business named for women of the past that stood up and proved themselves when their country needed them.

1940s Scrap Yarn Sweater

Flashback Summer: 1940s Scrap Yarn Sweater - Sun-Glo, On Duty Cardigan

I don't know about you, but I don't enjoy packing up a house to move. I enjoy unpacking a house after moving... but not the "before" phase of purging and packing!

In anticipation of moving this spring, I've been working largely from my stash for projects, especially knitting projects. (If I use my stash, I'm not acquiring more... and I have less to pack later!) I've got lots of leftover yarn balls from other projects, but they're all different colors and weights, and I don't know the amounts of a lot of them since they're partial-skeins or I ripped the labels off. I wanted to make a project using them, but it's harder to fit scrap yarns to a project rather than just buying a bunch of new yarn!