Sponsored: Nataya Lemon Dress

Nataya Alexa 1920s Flapper Dress in Lemon

Disclaimer: I was gifted this dress by Nataya in return for posted content, and this post contains affiliate links.  (Commissions from these links help fund my caffeine and crafting!)

If you're a fan of vintage fashion with a modern twist, the Alexa 1920s Flapper Dress in Lemon from Nataya is a must-have for your wardrobe. Nataya pieces have a romantic 1910s-1930s kind of vibe about them with more modern wearability, so they can be accessorized to lean into several different eras. I went with a summery 1920s look for this dress!

Eielson Jet Sweater


I’m very proud of this particular project representing my current home in Alaska! Alaskan-dyed wool, fighter jets, and snowflakes--what more could I need?!

Nursing-Friendly Vintage Thrift Haul

New Youtube video! 

I needed some nursing-friendly garments for this phase of life, but I needed a way to get them that is more budget conscious. Enter thrifting!

What's your favorite look from the haul?

1940s Woman's Day Purse

 While I've still got some fluctuating postpartum measurements, I'm taking the time to make things like accessory sets that will fit any time. As part of a set, I decided to break out this 1940s pattern and make the "small rucksack" purse!

Wearing History Victory Hat Pattern

Not gonna lie to you guys, this hat almost did me in.

I wanted a small project to get my sewing mojo back, and this Wearing History Victory Hat pattern seemed to fit the bill. I had some scrap denim left over, so I decided to make a hat, purse, and belt set out of it.  

I got the denim cut out, and the hat is only three pattern pieces. The pattern also called for interfacing or hymo for the cap brim and top, but I thought it would be better to recycle an old plastic dog cone to prevent future creasing if the hat got bent and such. FIRST MISTAKE.

1934 Curtain Tie-Backs

I decided it was finally time to make something to hold back my curtains, and I remembered a booklet I have from 1934 with just that type of info in it!