1940s Woman's Day Purse

 While I've still got some fluctuating postpartum measurements, I'm taking the time to make things like accessory sets that will fit any time. As part of a set, I decided to break out this 1940s pattern and make the "small rucksack" purse!

Wearing History Victory Hat Pattern

Not gonna lie to you guys, this hat almost did me in.

I wanted a small project to get my sewing mojo back, and this Wearing History Victory Hat pattern seemed to fit the bill. I had some scrap denim left over, so I decided to make a hat, purse, and belt set out of it.  

I got the denim cut out, and the hat is only three pattern pieces. The pattern also called for interfacing or hymo for the cap brim and top, but I thought it would be better to recycle an old plastic dog cone to prevent future creasing if the hat got bent and such. FIRST MISTAKE.

1934 Curtain Tie-Backs

I decided it was finally time to make something to hold back my curtains, and I remembered a booklet I have from 1934 with just that type of info in it!

1930s Black & White Ensemble

I'm excited to show you guys my finished 1930s ensemble! It's one of the rare times that I got to use a true vintage pattern, and it turned out just as I wanted. (Also a rare thing, ha!)

Joanie Boatneck Sweater - Poison Grrls

I'm always looking for projects to use up the yarns in my stash, and when I saw Poison Grrls release their new pattern, the Joanie Boatneck Sweater, I knew it would be perfect! There are five colors on the garment, so it was perfect to use the odd fingering-weight yarn balls I had left over from other projects.

Vintage Crochet Gladiola Crown

I didn't have *any* matching accessories for a playsuit I just got, so clearly I had to remedy that! In the spirit of make do and mend during a pandemic, I checked my stash to see what I had in coordinating colors. No extra cost, no extra trips out!