Wedding Pictures, First Post!

I finally have some wedding photos to share with all of you, taken by my friend Noor!  These are from our nuptials on May 10 this year, and it was fantastic!  It was a wonderful week (besides getting very, very sick) that involved graduating and spending time with family and friends before the big day.

I wore an authentic late 1940s dress, and Jacob, of course, wore his Air Force uniform.  My grandpa kindly lent us his 1940s Ford (which was his first car he ever had) to drive away in and use in photos.

Many thanks to all the other fabulous friends and family members that helped make our day so memorable and wonderful!  We hugely appreciated it!

(And, in case you missed it, here was our engagement video!)

Tulips and Bakelite

Flashback Summer: Tulips and Bakelite - 1940s vintage outfit

This was the outfit I wore today, and it gave me a chance to wear a couple of the new bakelite bangles I got from my grandparents as a graduation gift!  It's pretty great to have new color options, I won't lie.

I upcycled this blouse from one of my mother's old shirts, and I embroidered the top.  It's extremely light and comfortable, and it's one of my favorites to pair with cardigans!

I was also having a bad hair day because I didn't have a chance to set my hair last night and it was not lookin' so great.  So, I did this super easy, straight-hair-friendly 'do that turned out to be amazingly hardy and maintenance-free throughout the day.  With a bit of tweaking, I think it'll become one of my go-to 'dos!

Do you have a "go-to 'do"?  What about it makes you love it?

Outfit Details
blouse: handmade by me
cardigan: JC Penney?
skirt: handmade
shoes: Payless kids
bakelite: gifted

Flashback Summer: Tulips and Bakelite - 1940s vintage outfit

Flashback Summer: Tulips and Bakelite - 1940s vintage outfit

Flashback Summer: Tulips and Bakelite - 1940s vintage outfit

Sponsor Highlight: Bee Whimsy Jewelry Review

Today I have a jewelry review for you guys!

When Bee Whimsy contacted me about sponsorship, I will honestly say that I had never heard of them before and went right to their site to check them out.  What I found delighted me!  The jewelry they carry is just gorgeous!  It's vintage meets rocker meets estate jewelry meets princess.  I'd say the jewelry definitely has a glam element to all of it.

However, I had never bought one of their pieces and was unsure as to the quality.  I didn't feel that I could give an honest promo without knowing it was a really good product.  Kindly, the people at Bee Whimsy understood and arranged to have one of their jewelry designers create a few pieces just for me!

They asked what my jewelry styles are, and I told the designer that I like estate jewelry, art deco, and borderline gaudy with a vintage feel.  Boy, did they deliver!  They sent me a fabulous bracelet, ring, and earring set that I love.  Especially the bracelet.  LOVE THE BRACELET.  And did I mention, the customer service was great!  The designer and I had an actual conversation, not just an order email, and I really appreciated how I felt like my style was being truly taken into consideration.

Bee Whimsy offers individual jewelry pieces in many styles that would easily compliment vintage looks for both every day and formal events.  I also love the "ear candy box" options.  These are, basically, monthly earring subscriptions!  Every month a lovely jewelry box arrives at your door with four new, carefully selected pairs of earrings!  How great is that?!

Another thing I liked was the bridal ear candy box.  (Being a recent bride, this would be an amazing gift.)  It's a box that comes with six pairs of earrings that coordinate with the style preferences you give to Bee Whimsy beforehand, and they're made-to-order!  This box would also be great for bridesmaid earrings, since six come in a box.

So go ahead!  Go get your jewelry fix today and check out Bee Whimsy!

My jewelry is not available on the site, but here are some similar earrings in case you would like some of your own!  The designers are also perfectly willing to work with you and make a custom piece just for you.

P.S.  They also have a $250 giveaway going on right now at their website.  (Just scroll down to the bottom and go!)

I received these jewelry pieces for free from Bee Whimsy in return for this review post, but all opinions are my own.  To learn more about my collaboration policies, check out this page.

Hardy Rain Outfit

This has been such a rainy summer, and it can be a bit tricky to dress nicely while still being able to walk to work.  This day I also happened to only be able to find a janky umbrella that promptly inverted the first time a small breeze hit.  Thus, I walked home during a bit of a summer shower.  You know what's crazy?  I took these pictures right after I got home!  Hardy outfit, huh?  I was quite pleasantly surprised!

Also, I may or may not have borrowed this hairdo from the "Land Girls" first season... Which I just discovered on Netflix.  Needless to say... I'm on season two and don't plan on pausing yet.

Outfit Details
sweater and bandana: flea market
blouse: handmade by me
necklace: gifted
skirt: handmade
shoes: Payless kids