Red Overalls

Flashback Summer: 1940s Red Overalls - Wearing History Homefront

I am SO excited about this make. In fact, I think it's one of my favorite projects in a long time. It addresses a wardrobe gap, I wear it all the time, and it fits well.  Check, check, check!

Frigid Winds and New Friends

Flashback Summer: 1940s Winter Style

At the end of December, the weather here got suddenly, pointlessly cold.  There was no snow, just frigid, biting wind. However, there was a highlight! One of the friends Jacob met in Air Force training last summer was coming to town, so we got the chance to see her. Turns out, she is also a photographer and asked if I'd like to do an impromptu photo shoot.  I always need photos for this blog, so that was a definite yes!