Meet Anna

Today I have an Etsy shop highlight for you guys, and an interview with its creative owner, Anna! 

Her shop, 2DayIChoose, is one of Flashback Summer's sponsors, and it is a mixture of jewelry and art made, most of it made with recycled/upcycled/vintage materials.  Below you'll find some questions I asked to get to know Anna a bit more, and I interspersed some pictures of the amazing items in her shop!

She's also been kind enough to offer free shipping on any items in her shop until December 18th! (Christmas shopping!)  If you'd like to take advantage of it, you can use the coupon code MERRY at checkout.

Words from Anna:
How do you feel about vintage style? (How did you connect with Flashback Summer?) Does it show up in your art or life?
My dad is an antique dealer, so I grew up surrounded by vintage things. I love the style of the 30s and 40s. I incorporate vintage ephemera and images into my art and love finding these little paper treasures. One of my favorite finds was a WWII ration book with all the stamps. I am working on a portrait series inspired by photographs of women from the 20s and 30s now and am always on the lookout for vintage photos of women doing daring deeds. 

Tell me about yourself.
I am a mom with two daughters under five. I've been married for ten years. I love all kinds of creative activities, and what I am working on changes with my mood and the seasons. I do a lot of work online and in Photoshop, but I get the most enjoyment from creating with my hands. I love to paint and roll clay and just generally make a big mess. 

How would you describe your artistic style?
I am drawn to images that have a sketchy, whimsical feel. I use a lot of bright, playful colors, and there are almost always pops of red. Most of my canvas work ends up being heavily layered. My watercolors are simpler, but still have many layers and paint and pen work.

Where does the inspiration for your art come from?
Right now I am inspired by the dark fantasy feel of deep woods, vintage circus images, and fairy tales.

What does your work space look like?
It tends toward chaos. I am fortunate enough to have a small office in my home, but I usually bring my supplies out and work in my living room so I can keep an eye on the girls. I clean up about once a month or when the top of my desk disappears, whichever comes first. 

Does your art connect to/ express your life in some way? If so, how?
I feel like my art is an escape from my life. It allows me to open a door into another world and gives me a reason to dream up silliness. 

Isn't this bracelet adorable?!
Why did you start an Etsy shop? Are there any obstacles you've had to overcome/ are overcoming?
I started my Etsy shop because I was making more jewelry than I could possibly wear-I needed to fund my habit! One obstacle when I was building my shop was deciding what to include. Etsy is such a saturated marketplace that it can be difficult to create a product that is truly unique. As a crafty person there are many things that I 'could' make. The challenge has been finding items that I want to spend my time making and that will produce a profit.

Find 2DayIChoose on Instagram (@2dayIchoose), Pinterest, and Facebook.

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When You Hit a Wall

Flashback Summer: When You Hit a Wall
Here lately I have run into a wall with ideas for this blog and even with vintage in general.  I've had some tough circumstances this week that have sapped my emotional energy, and it has kind of sucked away the inspiration.

I'm not sure if anyone else is like this, but especially when I'm feeling low, I don't particularly want to wear vintage clothing.  It doesn't match how I feel, so I forego it.  For me, I wear vintage because I like how it looks and the creativity of it, but my creativity subsides when I'm feeling drained.

(Crazy though, that a lot of artsy people do their best work when sad.  Just not me, apparently.)

So what am I to do when I'm lacking inspiration and/or just feeling not-so-great?  Here are a few things that get the creative juices flowing again and help me deal with circumstances more effectively:

- Take some significant chill time.
A lot of times I feel a block just because so many other things are taking up my "brain space" and I just need a break.  For me right now, that means sipping tea or coffee while knitting and watching an old movie.  Bliss in the chaos of the end of a semester.

- Take time for people.
Being with people can be some of the most refreshing and inspirational times for me.  Sitting down and talking about deep life stuff with a good friend does wonders for my mood and can lead to some creative ideas.

- Pray.
I know not everybody would pick this option, but, truly, talking to God about all the stuff in my life, big and small, and remembering all the things that he has blessed me with really rejuvenates me and gets things back in perspective.

- Start a project on your list.
Even if I'm not feeling particularly creative, starting a project that has been on my list can be just the thing to get the creativity jump-started, especially if I already have all the planning done.  
Even if I have a lot going on, some days I really just drop it and craft.  It makes my work later much more efficient because I'm not feeling so "blah" and the craftiness is a great outlet.

- Watch a costume-rich movie, or read a high-fashion magazine or book.
Being vintage lovers, many of us are into clothes in general.  One of my favorite things to do is just look at impeccable clothing, whether it's in an old movie or a new magazine.  I love seeing the art of others and it will oftentimes spark an idea of how I could create a similar look.

- Surround yourself in possibilities.
Get out the craft supplies and spread them on the floor.  Get the magazines out on the table and begin cutting out pictures.  Do something to tangibly surround yourself with things that can inspire you, and just go with the flow with no goals in mind but to simply express and be present in the moment to enjoy it.

Lady in Purple

Flashback Summer: Lady in Purple - 1960s 1950s dress/ 1940s tilt hat/ vintage outfit

You know those moments when you're walking through a store, and you spy some amazing vintage item with so much character, personality, and uniqueness that you can barely handle it?  Personally, I gasp and may possibly squeal a bit as I rush over to inspect the item further with a sparkle in my eye.

This purple hat was one of those things.

Its funny, wavy, asymmetrical shape and vibrant color immediately spoke to me, not to mention the purple veil covering it!  I've been waiting a few months for the perfect outfit to debut it with (anyone else do that?), and I finally found one!

I spotted this purple velvet dress in a flea market for $10.  I'm thinking it's from the 1960s because I have a pattern for a dress almost exactly like it, but what do you guys think?  Though it was in amazing shape construction-wise with no flaws whatsoever, the fabric had some stains down the arms, as if it had been hanging in a closet and something dirtied either side.  It was also just generally dusty, and when I tried it on, the top was a bit too big.

But it was $10, and it's too beautiful not to be saved!  I did all my alterations planning (I needed to shorten the bodice at the shoulders, narrow the shoulder width, and bring in the side seams a bit), prayed that I wouldn't kill the garment, and got to cutting and re-stitching.  It worked!  Then, I filled bath with warm water and laundry detergent to wash it all and try to get the stains out.  To my dismay and horror, the dye immediately started running out of the dress!  I grabbed it from the water and tried again with cold water, only with the same result.  I looked at the dirty, dusty garment and figured, "Well, it's too icky to wear now.  I think I'm just going to have to risk it."

I washed it and hung it to dry.  And it still looks fine!  PHEW. Praise the Lord.

I paired it with the wavy 40s tilt hat, a rhinestone/gold jewelry set, gold belt, lucite bag, Fergie "Saraghina" lipstick, and gold snakeskin pumps.  I really like this outfit, and you'll probably be seeing variations of it soon!  The velvet is warm but light, and the shape of the dress is modest with a hint of sass.

I got a lot of comments from the little old ladies (and a couple older gentlemen as well!) at church that were very kind and made me feel more confident in the outfit, for I had been nervous that it would be too "loud".  My mind is put at ease, and now I thoroughly love this outfit!  Although the hat is a poor choice for a windy day (hence me holding it on in nearly every picture), it shall become a well-loved part of my wardrobe!

Outfit Details
hat and dress: flea markets (hat from Michigan, dress from Urban Market)
necklace, earrings, and Avon ring: Amazing Finds (Adrian, Michigan)
belt: YOTO Thrift Store
lucite bag: Relics
shoes: Payless
lipstick: Fergie Wet 'n' Wild Saraghina

P.S.  There are more photos from this shoot on the Flashback Summer Facebook page.

Flashback Summer: Lady in Purple - 1960s 1950s dress/ 1940s tilt hat/ vintage outfit

Flashback Summer: Lady in Purple - 1960s 1950s dress/ 1940s tilt hat/ vintage outfit

Flashback Summer: Lady in Purple - 1960s 1950s dress/ 1940s tilt hat/ vintage outfit

Flashback Summer: Lady in Purple - 1960s 1950s dress/ 1940s tilt hat/ vintage outfit

Flashback Summer: Lady in Purple - 1960s 1950s dress/ 1940s tilt hat/ vintage outfit

Flashback Summer: Lady in Purple - 1960s 1950s dress/ 1940s tilt hat/ vintage outfit

Flashback Summer: Lady in Purple - 1960s 1950s dress/ 1940s tilt hat/ vintage outfit

I Just Had to Let You Know... My Top Ten Vintage Inspirations

Just now I discovered another vintage blog, Dividing Vintage Moments.  Joanna, the awesome lady behind the blog, is hosting a giveaway that you guys should check out.

She also has a new post about vintage bloggers and their "vintage twins" that is quite creative!  A lot of the vintage ladies she found look uncannily like these modern bloggers!  Pretty impressive, I think!

Seriously.  I'm adding this lady to my bloglovin' feed.  I'm quite excited to have discovered her blog!

Also, as part of the giveaway I'm to share my top ten items that inspire my vintage journey.  I'm going to take a slightly different spin on it than it seems Joanna is going to in a future post, so here goes!

10.  My Budget.
While some vintage items can be really expensive, it's not to hard to find cheaper, gorgeous vintage items in thrift stores, sales, etc.  For example, it's much easier to find a cheap vintage pencil skirt or make my own than it is to buy one in a store that I'll probably have to tailor or pay for alterations to fix.  In some ways, it's quite budget friendly!

9.  Movies.
I love old movies.  I have always loved old movies.  I love the glamour, the music, the dancing, the well-rounded actors and actresses, everything.  They're usually cleaner, too!  I take a lot of inspiration from old movies because they allow times past to come to life in a way that old pictures, stories, etc. never could.

8.  Magazines.
From old ads to stories, I find it fascinating to see what concerned women in decades past.  Sometimes I'm a bit concerned (as in when I read an old Kotex ad that claimed their liners remained soft and didn't pack like a snowball... What?!), and other times I'm educated on historical things that I thought I knew about, like a 1943 article that discussed whether talking about after the war was unpatriotic or hope-building.  So much new knowledge, new insight, and new learning in old periodicals!

7.  Make Do and Mend.
I remember hearing stories from my grandmother who was born in 1937 and raised in a very poor, rural southern home in Arkansas.  I learned a lot from those stories as a child, I've realized, including contentment, creativity, and respect for resources.  The "Make Do and Mend" mentality is very important to me in stewarding well the resources that I've been given.

6.  Giant Hats.
Ever since I swooned over the costumes in "My Fair Lady" as a six year old, I've had a love affair with giant hats.  If it were at all practical, I'd totally wear giant Gibson girl hats all the time.  But, alas, I would be constantly bumping into people and blocking their views in class.

5.  Below-the-Knee Lengths.
In a culture that is showing more and more skin, it's nice to have longer lengths.  Beside the modesty and general classiness factor, they're more comfortable!  I don't have to worry about flashing anybody during a pesky gust of wind, having to bend over, or any other such moments.

4.  Victory Rolls.
Who knew one could do so much with a handful of bobby pins and some hairspray?!  A whole new world of 'do's has been opened up to me with the knowledge of how to do a pin curl.

3.  Bakelite.
It's a durable plastic that smells weird.
And I love it.
I just have five bakelite items, but I love them all!  I don't know exactly what it is, but bakelite holds such charm to me.  I like how it looks, how heavy it is, how versatile, and even how rare it is compared to other plastics.  It makes the hunt for it all the more exciting!

2.  Art Deco Vanities.
Seriously, there are few things that evoke instant glamor to me like an art deco vanity.  The giant mirrors, the long lines and details, the low height.  I can just imagine brushing out my pin curls in a silky robe and fluffy boudoir heels while sitting in front of it, and it's perfection.

1.  The Vintage Blogger Community.
You guys inspire me so much!  A vintage blog was the reason I found out that people wear vintage.  Vintage blogs are the reasons I have learned about different decades, learned how to do retro hair and makeup, gotten to connect with others, and come into my own vintage style.  It's now an important part of me that I get to express, and you have been so fabulously supportive along my journey as a newbie blogger to the slightly-more-experienced blogger that I am now!  Thank you guys!

Just Love It.

Flashback Summer: Just Love It- vintage modern fusion outfit

I love the boots I got, but I'm finding that it requires shorter length skirts and dresses to wear them and still look proportionate.  Even though this outfit isn't totally vintage, I LOVE it.  It's super comfy but still cute, and I added little vintage elements like the hair and lipstick to stay true to the vintage love.

Outfit Details:
dress: Target
sweater and tights: Kohl's?
boots: Honeytalk Vintage (Etsy shop)

Flashback Summer: Just Love It- vintage modern fusion outfit

Flashback Summer: Just Love It- vintage modern fusion outfit/ 1930s boots

Flashback Summer: Just Love It- vintage modern fusion outfit/ 1930s boots

Flashback Summer: Just Love It- vintage modern fusion outfit

Flashback Summer: Just Love It- vintage modern fusion outfit

Flashback Summer: Just Love It- vintage modern fusion outfit/ 1930s boots

Knitting update:  I have the back of the cardigan almost done and a bit of the front started!
Flashback Summer: Just Love It- Knit for Victory/ knitting update

Knit for Victory!

When I heard about the Knit for Victory challenge presented by Tasha of By Gum, By Golly, I was stoked and new I'd be participating in this go-round!

To find all of the information about rules, ideas, etc., you can go to the link above.  Also, to see all of Tasha's "Knit for Victory" posts, click on the "Knit for Victory" picture on the sidebar. It started November 4th and runs until January 31st, so I should be able to get one or two things done!

What am I working on, you ask?

Well, I have this 1940s Sunglo 57 "On Duty" cardigan I'm currently working on (the bottom one):

... in this lovely pink yarn...

I originally wanted a forest green, but the store didn't have that color in the yarn size I needed.  So I've settled for a pale pink, and hopefully when the pattern works out and I become a lightning-fast knitter, I'll make a forest green one!

I bought the pattern from Granny's PDF Patterns, a lovely Etsy shop.  There are lots of great options and fabulous prices!  The ladies running the shop were also super helpful in answering my questions, since I'm not a very experienced vintage knitter yet.  Not an experienced knitter, period, that is!

I happen to also have some gray yarn left over from a project, so I may also be knitting some very-needed mittens.  It was frigid today and I realized I don't have any warm hand protection.  So..... that may also be in the Knit for Victory project list, if I can find a quick vintage pattern I like.

Also, I joined Flickr specifically for this challenge.  I have no idea how to do much of anything on it yet (besides having uploaded one photo, woohoo!), so bear with me as I figure out what the heck I'm doing!

Have any of you joined in the knitting extravaganza, or would you like to?

Veteran's Day in the U.S.

Mrs. Eloise J. Ellis
In the U.S. and other countries around the world, men and women have honorably served in the armed forces.  Today in the U.S. it's Veterans' Day, the day that we honor our service members, both past and present.  Formerly known as Armistice Day, or the day that officially ended World War I, it marks the anniversary of the end of the first modern war and also the formation of a new kind of veteran.

Our modern veterans have faced a myriad of challenges that would have been unimaginable to past generations, but they have risen to these challenges.  Take a moment to thank a veteran or current military person today!

Below I've included some ways to thank these people you may have in your lives.  Use your best judgment and knowledge of the person to determine how you thank them because, just like everyone else, veterans are all different and will appreciate some acts of gratitude more than others!

5 Ways to Thank a Veteran:

- Ask to hear his or her story and write it down, film, or record it for future generations.

- Buy him or her a nice steak dinner.  (I find that good food, in general, is a great way to thank someone!)

- Write a heartfelt card thanking her for her service.

- Give medals, ribbons, flags, awards, etc. a proper display case.

- See if he or she has any military buddies they haven't seen in a while, and bring them in for a party or visit.

5 Ways to Thank an Active Duty/ Deployed Serviceperson:

- Send him a box of beef jerky.  (No joke, this is a high-demand item.)

- Offer to do or pay for a family photo shoot for her and her family.

- Hand-write a letter expressing your gratitude.

- Create a video full of personal messages from loved ones that you can email to him to encourage his heart and let him know he is loved, respected, and missed.

- Do or provide something for his or her family while he or she is away.  Help fix the screen door, create a carpool for the kids, give his wife a manicure gift card, get some game tickets for her husband.  Show you support the whole family and take some pressure off the deployed family member.

a WAVE and a soldier, May 1943.

Fraternal Handshake

I was feelin' a casual look today.  A patriotic red, white, and blue color scheme is one of my favorites, for any day at all.  It's so classically vintage and easily mix-and-matchable.
I also didn't have a lot of time to get ready (as usual), so a look like this is quick and more put together than a normal college student's look.  It is more professional and classic, I think.

I also hadn't considered wearing heels with 40s jeans until I saw Janey wear them in this post.  Although I didn't wear these to walk to class in (let's be real.  5 inch heels for rushing to class?  Nope.  Ain't nobody got time for that), I did wear them for these photos, and I think the look is growing on me!

Also, I found this pin in a flea market last summer.  I thought it was quite interesting and looked antique.  I did some research, and though I couldn't track down a pin just like it, I think I have a better idea of what it is.  It has the image of a "fraternal handshake" on it framed with draped U.S. flags and topped with an eagle.  It seems to be made of very light materials and a thin metal that is magnetic.  

According to what I have found, pins like this were used oftentimes in charitable clubs and organizations.  Members would wear these and attach ribbons or medals they had been awarded for achievements or charity work.  I have found similar designs ranging from the 1890s to the 1910s, so I'm not exactly sure how old this one is.  I guess "antique" would cover it.  I just love the patriotic symbolism and unique shape, and it's amazing to think of the things this pin may have been through in the past 100 years.  I wish it could talk and share with me its origins!

Outfit Details:
shirt: Banana Republic
scarf: thrifted
jeans: handmade (details here)
pin: flea market
belt: resized 

Happy Birthday!

Flashback Summer: Happy Birthday! - love/ life/ vintage couple photoshoot/ military

! كل سنة و انت طيب يا يعقوب
Or, in other words... Happy Birthday, Jacob!

Yes, indeed, today is my boyfriend's birthday.  Now, I will attempt not to get too gushy with all of this ("No, you hang up first.  No, you! No, you do it!"  None of that), but I do want to share with you guys a person who is extremely important and influential in my life.

Jacob is the first boyfriend I've ever had (I know, it's pretty crazy), and he'll be the last one!  I think we can agree that it's difficult to find good guys these days, and it's even harder to find good, mature guys that are responsible and integrous.  Jacob is all these things, and I'm really proud of him.  

Flashback Summer: Happy Birthday! - love/ life/ vintage couple photoshoot/ military

Top 10 things I like about Jacob:
- He loves football deeply and is willing to teach me about it.  (My dad was a businessman and music composer as I grew up.  Ain't no sports at my house.)
- Even though he loves football and meat and is a very manly man, he's perfectly happy to comb flea markets with me hunting for hats.
- He makes funny gear-shifting car sounds and voices when he's bored on a road trip.
- Some of his favorite things to do are research hot topics in our society and formulate his opinions on them and how to back them up.
- When I brought up the idea that I would like to join the military, too, he was 100% supportive, excited, and encouraging about it.  My dreams are of equal importance to him as his own.
- He loves meat.  Probably one of the top ways we celebrate anything is by going to Texas Roadhouse.  And I love that.
- He has never yelled at or insulted me, even in a disagreement.  He keeps his cool remarkably and is very understanding.
- We have physical and emotional boundaries/guidelines in our dating relationship because we want to live out what the Bible says, have a healthy relationship with each other, and to build a good foundation for a lasting marriage.  He is the first to uphold these guidelines and never pressures me to do anything I'm uncomfortable with.  Literally, never.
- He makes really good sweet tea (as in the American, southern-style, iced tea with lots of sugar).  Pretty sure it's the nectar of the gods.
- He loves Jesus more than anything or anyone else in the world, including me.  At first, that doesn't sound very romantic, but it's actually the best quality a guy could have!  Jacob centers his whole life on interacting with and following God and showing that to others.  What does that look like?  He puts others first, treats everyone with respect, leads with integrity, loves selflessly, and serves me and others to the point of self-sacrifice.  That's a good man, right there.

Well, this post got a little gushy, but it's kind of a requirement when one writes about the love of one's life.  I hope I didn't get too sappy for you guys and you enjoyed getting to know about a very special person in my life!

Eating a giant cookie sundae on one of our dates
Flashback Summer: Happy Birthday! - love/ life/ vintage couple photoshoot/ military

Flashback Summer: Happy Birthday! - love/ life/ couple photoshoot
On a hiking trip
Flashback Summer: Happy Birthday! - love/ life/ vintage couple photoshoot/ military
Sophomore year banquet
Flashback Summer: Happy Birthday! - love/ life/ couple photoshoot/ military
Seeing him for the first time in two months at his graduation from Air Force Basic Military Training
Flashback Summer: Happy Birthday! - love/ life/ couple photoshoot
The time I took him to Silver Dollar City for "the best Christmas tradition ever"... and it poured all night and was freezing.

1948 Coat Debut

Flashback Summer: 1948 Coat Debut- Retro Butterick '48/ B5144/ vintage sewing pattern/ outfit

This past summer when I visited my grandparents, my grandma had a fun retro sewing project all ready for me!  She thought we could try out the Retro Butterick Pattern B5144, a 1948 coat pattern.  She had fabric options, matching notions, everything ready to go; aren't grandmas the best?

This is the pattern (I used a smaller size though):
Flashback Summer: 1948 Coat Debut- Retro Butterick '48/ B5144/ vintage sewing pattern/ outfit

And I ended up choosing a wintery fabric in a black, gray, and light blue plaid.  I'm honestly not sure what kind of fabric it is- sorry about that- but it's not very thick or heavy, actually, maybe about medium weight, but softer and "drapier" than most wools seem to be. I don't have a very good picture, but this fuzzy one will give you the idea:

Flashback Summer: 1948 Coat Debut- Retro Butterick '48/ B5144/ vintage sewing pattern/ outfit

The coat then has a black lining on the inside.  It's surprisingly warm for having not made it with super heavy material!  I think the volume of the fabric in combination with the air insulation it provides makes it quite comfy.

Flashback Summer: 1948 Coat Debut- Retro Butterick '48/ B5144/ vintage sewing pattern/ outfit

I really liked this pattern!  I love the transitional 40s to 50s look, sort of a 40s-shoulder-pads-meets-50s-swing-coat style that would be universally flattering, I think.  It feels quite glamorous to wear, being so full and all, much like a cape or opera coat.  It's also quite long, especially on me, which is exactly how I like my coats.  I stay warmer without the pesky waistline draft that short coats seem to create!

  It was also surprisingly simple to make, not nearly as scary as I thought it'd be!  The collar is actually just a sort of neck dart, one long seam that makes the fabric turn over on itself.  The only tricky part my grandmother and I encountered was making sure the lining didn't pull the fabric up too far in the back and that the hem was even.  That and lining up the plaid on such strange angles!

What do you think of the coat?  Do you think you would be willing to try it, or is it not your style?  Do you have any questions or things you'd like to know about the pattern?  I'd love to help!

Flashback Summer: 1948 Coat Debut- Retro Butterick '48/ B5144/ vintage sewing pattern/ outfit
Outfit details:
skirt, tights, sweater:  Kohls, I think...
shoes: Decades
hat: flea market
earrings: gift
belt: Plato's closet, resized this way

Flashback Summer: 1948 Coat Debut- 1940s vintage outfit

Flashback Summer: 1948 Coat Debut- Retro Butterick '48/ B5144/ vintage sewing pattern/ outfit

Flashback Summer: 1948 Coat Debut- 1940s vintage outfit

Flashback Summer: 1948 Coat Debut- Retro Butterick '48/ B5144/ vintage sewing pattern/ outfit

Flashback Summer: 1948 Coat Debut- vintage brown 1940s shoes/ heels