Vintage Capsule Wardrobe Update

So I’m a bit over halfway into my two month trip, and I’ve got an update on how my capsule wardrobe is working for me!

I’ve created this video showcasing one of my capsule wardrobe outfits and some of the things I’ve noticed about my capsule wardrobe so far.

It basically sums up to this: The capsule wardrobe is actually working quite well for me; I just wish I had a mid-weight jacket of some kind for this in-between, cold-ish weather that doesn’t quite merit a big coat.

But overall, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how many outfits I’ve been able to make.

6 YEAR Blogiversary!

Wow, guys.  I just can't even believe it: October marked my SIXTH blogging anniversary!  I published my very first blog post on October 14, 2012. (You can read it here if you'd like a chuckle and hopefully appreciate how far I've come, ha!)