Vest & Trousers

Flashback Summer: Vest & Trousers - 1930s suit

This morning, apparently it was colder here in Missouri than it was in parts of Alaska.  That's pretty ridiculous.

On top of that, Missouri gets really windy in the winter, so I need properly warm winter gear.  Trousers are always a go-to choice for that, and to dress these up I added a matching vest.

Plaid 1930s Ensemble

Flashback Summer: Plaid 1930s Ensemble - suit

I've finished another ensemble on my winter sewing list!  I based this suit on illustrations from mid-1930s magazines I have.  They commonly have sets of a dress or skirt with a boxy, hip-length swing jacket.  I rather like the versatility pieces like this bring to my wardrobe.  I have a lot of navy and red, so now I have a couple more pieces I can mix and match with them.  Hurray for versatility!

Traditional Fashion Highlight: Bolivia, Germany, Yemen, & Mongolia

Flashback Summer: Traditional Fashion Highlight - Bolivia, Germany, Yemen, Mongolia

I'm starting a new post series I hope you guys will enjoy: the Traditional Fashion Highlight!

I don't know about you, but as a somewhat rootless American I really enjoy looking at traditional fashions of other cultures.  While many Americans are still connected to their immigrant or Native roots, many of us have lost these connections over the generations and no longer have a "traditional" clothing we feel comfortable claiming.

Streamline - Sunglo 40, Design 2291

Flashback Summer: Streamline - Sunglo 40 Design 2291 - 1940s knitting pattern cardigan

Have you ever had a project that begin with trepidation, knowing you aren't quite sure how you're going to pull it off?  Well, this cardigan was such a project for me.  The pattern is from Sunglo No. 40, Design 2291 called "Streamline."  (If you'd like a TLDR description of the pattern, scroll down to the bottom!)

Vintage, Modern, & DIY Holiday Gift Guide

I may be weird, but I actually really love looking at gift guides this time of year.  Admittedly, since I have so few real-life vintage friends... It often helps me discover cool things I've missed for myself, haha!

So if you are like me and have many non-vintage-wearing friends and relatives, you'll still find this gift guide helpful.  There are vintage, modern, and handmade items to inspire and equip you for the season's gift-giving!

Vintage Gifts