Guest Post: The Amelia Earhart Lookbook

In honor of November being Aviation History Month, I put out a call for collaborations and guest posts on Instagram and Facebook, and @the_pinup_pilot answered!  She made this *amazing* lookbook inspired by styles from Amelia Earhart's original 1930s line of clothing as well as photographs of Amelia. 

Sponsored: Nataya Lemon Dress

Nataya Alexa 1920s Flapper Dress in Lemon

Disclaimer: I was gifted this dress by Nataya in return for posted content, and this post contains affiliate links.  (Commissions from these links help fund my caffeine and crafting!)

If you're a fan of vintage fashion with a modern twist, the Alexa 1920s Flapper Dress in Lemon from Nataya is a must-have for your wardrobe. Nataya pieces have a romantic 1910s-1930s kind of vibe about them with more modern wearability, so they can be accessorized to lean into several different eras. I went with a summery 1920s look for this dress!

Eielson Jet Sweater


I’m very proud of this particular project representing my current home in Alaska! Alaskan-dyed wool, fighter jets, and snowflakes--what more could I need?!

Nursing-Friendly Vintage Thrift Haul

New Youtube video! 

I needed some nursing-friendly garments for this phase of life, but I needed a way to get them that is more budget conscious. Enter thrifting!

What's your favorite look from the haul?