Supporting Small/Independent Business When You Can't Afford the Products

Flashback Summer: Supporting Small Independent Business When You Can't Afford the Products

Most of us in the vintage community are big believers in buying quality, sustainable items. Although all of us are in this hobby for the fantastic vintage fashion aesthetics, a lot of us also love vintage for its quality. We love it for its uniqueness. We love it for the environmentally-friendly impact of secondhand shopping. We love the small, niche businesses that recreate vintage aesthetics and/or preserve the tradition of craftsmanship in our modern day.

You guys are probably like me in that there are SO MANY small and independent companies that I fangirl over. They create such beautiful garments, shoes, accessories, hats, jewelry, etc., and they're owned by amazing people that take pride in their craft and lift communities with them. I'm all about supporting them, but sometimes my budget is not so on board. So how can we support these small businesses with the budget constraints that many of us have?