Comoros-Vintage Dress

Comoros Vintage Dress- by Flashback Summer

Recently my parents went to Comoros, and when they told me I definitely had to look that one up, because I had no idea where it was.  Here's what Google maps had to say about it:
Comoros Vintage Dress- by Flashback Summer
It's off the coast of the African continent next to Madagascar.  (Like from the movie "Madagascar."  Haha.)

My family has a tradition of always bringing a small gift for family members and close friends when any of us return from overseas.  Which, since my parents live over there, is ever time they visit.  (It works out well for my sister and I, needless to say.)  However, since I've moved around often the past few years and still have a few moves in the near future, I dislike knick-knacks.  I just don't have a lot of room, and they're difficult to pack.

Comoros Vintage Dress- by Flashback Summer
Thus, I prefer to have things I can use as souveniers, and my go-to favorites are items I can wear.  Knowing that, when we were in Michigan my parents were kind enough to bring me back a beautiful cotton fabric from the Comoros!  My mother explained that women there use these long pieces of cloth, and they have printed design panels in squares down the length of the cloth, the designs specific to Comoros.  Each outfit is six design squares long.  She bought me three squares worth of fabric, and it was so beautiful I knew I must make something of it!

Comoros Vintage Dress- by Flashback Summer

However, it's a bit tricky to work with a pattern on a fabric made of squares of design instead of a contiguous pattern.  Thus..... with much trepidation... I dared..... to make my own pattern.


It's the first thing I've ever done without a pattern, and it worked!  The top is one large main piece cut on the bias (to get a symmetrical design from one of the design squares), with two triangles to bring the back up higher, and the remaining two design squares I simply sewed as a gathered skirt.  I used the designs edge to make the straps which extend down to the waist in the back.

Comoros Vintage Dress- by Flashback Summer

Comoros Vintage Dress- by Flashback Summer
The fabric was starched to death, so it will take a few more washes to get the skirt to de-pouf a bit, but I was soooo happy with the results!  It's vintage, but it still has that international flair and uniqueness that I love so much!

Comoros Vintage Dress- by Flashback Summer

dress: handmade by me
earrings: Kenya
sunglasses: Kohl's
lipstick: Bare Minerals "Call the Shots"

I'm Back!

Hey friends!  I'm finally back from a bit of an internet vacation.  My parents were here visiting from Africa for some meetings, so I've been traveling all over the U.S. with them visiting other relatives and friends as well.  All the little pins are places we went (excluding me from California, just my parents visited there).  That's a lot of travel in about three weeks!
Flashback Summer- I'm Back!  Travel map

I'll have lots of pictures to post in the next week, but here was my trip in a nutshell:

First, I went up to Michigan to visit family.
Flashback Summer- I'm Back! 1960s classic car

Then we went to Arizona to see my sister.  She's working at the Grand Canyon!
Flashback Summer- I'm Back! Grand Canyon, Arizona

Then I went to see my boyfriend and his family near St. Louis, and my parents went to California.  It was a LOT of fun, and it was great to spend time with family!

"Hunting For God" Guest Post

For today, I've actually done a guest post on another blog!

The blog is Hunting For God, and it's a bit out of the box from what I normally do (a little more "real life", but still vintage) and I think you guys will get to know me better in it and see where I'm coming from.  Check it out here.

Hunting for God is a great blog, and you should check out the other posts while you're there!

Yellow Tulips and the Spring Giveaway Winner!

Flashback Summer- Yellow Tulips 1940s outfit, Butterick 9779

I finished this outfit in the past couple days, and I like it a lot!   I took an old shirt of my  mom's and turned it into this one, then I embroidered some yellow tulips on the front and back.  I really love embroidery on clothing.  It makes it unique, well-crafted, and just beautiful!  It turned out to be a perfect outfit for the day because it was quite warm, but later that night we had giant storms all evening!  It actually worked out though, because most of my hair was in a scarf or pinned down and the 'do was really hardy!
I did not, however, feel the need to iron them.... I took these pictures right before getting in the car to drive for four hours, so I thought it would be a bit pointless.  My friend Teresa and I went to go see her daughter in a theater production.  It was quite fun!

Flashback Summer- Yellow Tulips 1940s outfit, Butterick 9779

shirt: handmade by me
shorts:  Butterick 9779 (Like I said, I really like this one...)
scarf: Relics Antique Mall
lipstick: Bare Minerals "Call the Shots" (I adore this lipstick.)
bracelets: Mosaic and Kenya
wild strawberries are out!
Flashback Summer- Yellow Tulips 1940s outfit

You know what would go super well with this outfit?
These shoes:
Lovely, aren't they?  Love me some Swedish Hasbeens.

Anyway.... I have also randomly selected the winner of the Spring Giveaway!  
Congratulations, Jessica Cangiano!
I'll be emailing you next, so we'll talk and get your prize to you!