Travel Week: Vintage Lite Packing

Flashback Summer:  Travel Week- Vintage Lite Packing

This week as we're traveling to Cardiff and London, my group and I agreed to pack really, really light.  As in.... we haven't even checked any bags!  We have packed everything for this week in our carry-ons!  We have some points in our trip in between hotel check-in times where we'll be carrying our bags with us, so we'd prefer to have just a little and be more mobile.

However, there is no way that I'm going to Europe and not going to look cute!  No American t-shirts and jeans for me!  I don't know if you European readers understand this, but going to Europe is a big deal to many Americans.  A lot of people never get to do it, so I'm really excited about this opportunity.

Thus, I've had to scale my wardrobe options way, way down for this week, but I've still managed to get 11 days worth of cute clothing into a carry-on!  Everything is navy blue and red for easy mixing and matching, and I've paired them with neutral bottoms for versatility.
Here's what I've included:

Flashback Summer:  Travel Week- Vintage Lite Packing

(I included a backpack in mine because I'm assuming I'll pick up some treasures while I'm there.  If I find I need more room, I can use the large backpack as my carry on and check the suitcase.  Just in case.)

And see?  It all really does fit!

It doesn't look the prettiest, but I find it helpful to roll my clothing instead of folding it.  I can fit more stuff in this way.

The main ideas of light packing are:
- pick a couple colors so you can mix and match pieces for different looks
- take neutral separates that go with everything else
- force yourself to take only a few pieces and envision how they can multiply into different outfits to plan for the correct number of days

I hope this helps you guys with any packing you may need to do in the future!  No need to sacrifice cuteness to gain mobility and practicality!  You can have them both!

Flashback Summer:  Travel Week- Vintage Lite Packing


  1. Looking good! I see you have packed for our weather though I don't see any waterproofs unless I'm just being blind. Just a heads up, I don't know what the weather forecast is for this week but be prepared to be rained on, especially in Wales.

    1. I forgot to include that I wore a pleather jacket and boots. I didn't pack them; I just wore them. It only rained a couple days though!

  2. LOVE these travel posts. Super helpful... and spoken from one with I know it's credible info! YAY!