Castle in the Air Clothes

There are so many beautiful clothing items out there.
While some of them are quite out of my reach at the moment, I can still love them from afar!  Then perhaps someday I'll be able to check these lovelies off my dream list!  (Oh, what a day!)  Here are some of the "castle in the air" clothing items that I would love to someday add to my wardrobe:

A beautiful velvet dress.
I love me some velvet.  It's so luxurious and adds instant glamour.
Flashback Summer:  Castle in the Air Clothes
blue | green | red

A hat from Behida Holic Millinery.
This Etsy shop is breathtakingly beautiful (and so is the woman in all the photos!).  I would take pretty much anything from this store.
Flashback Summer:  Castle in the Air Clothes
pistachio | navy | silver | red

Vintage lace-up or combat boots.
But I need a U.S. size 5 (Eur 35), so that's the hard part.  (Apparently most male soldiers didn't have tiny feet.... What's up with that?!)
Flashback Summer:  Castle in the Air Clothes
lace up | combat

A tailored 1940s suit with unique details.
Pure classic.
Flashback Summer:  Castle in the Air Clothes
navy | gray | black | pink

A bias-cut formal dress.
I love the slimness without having the tightness.  (And look, two are in velvet!!!)
Flashback Summer:  Castle in the Air Clothes
bergundy | red | green

Pretty pajamas and unmentionables.
So feminine.  Love 'em.
Flashback Summer:  Castle in the Air Clothes
nightgown | set | garter belt | robe

A formal vintage coat.
Preferably a 1920s one or an opera coat.  I just love those silhouettes!

Flashback Summer:  Castle in the Air Clothes
black with trim | teal | black
Do you have a "castle in the air" list of clothing items you'd love to have?  What is on it?  Have you ever gotten an item you've dreamed of?


  1. Some great picks here, I hope you can eventually add some of these to your wardrobe!

    1. Thanks Helen Mae! I sure hope I can eventually add some too! I wish the same to you and your castle in the air items!

    2. REEEALLY gorgeous items, Em! I am "down with" your velvet fascination. I have always LOVED the full length velvet opera coat...(Victorian Trading company has a gorgeous one: long, green...exquisite!)

      MY vintage preferences, when there IS any rhyme or reason, are from the 60s/ HIPPIE era! Like knee high fringed moccasins, tunic length tops (currently trending and making a come back...WOOT!) and headbands, long, patchwork skirts, "maxi" dresses, lovebeads and daisy prints. You ASKED! lol Here's to one day having the wardrobe of our dreams!

    3. Haha, why am I not shocked at the hippie wish list? Do what you do, Aunt Paula. :)