1940s Woman's Day Purse

 While I've still got some fluctuating postpartum measurements, I'm taking the time to make things like accessory sets that will fit any time. As part of a set, I decided to break out this 1940s pattern and make the "small rucksack" purse!

I love that the pattern is a perfect "make do and mend" style with supplies suitable for fabric scraps and cardboard leftovers to stiffen the bottom. I used a leftover denim I had from my stash.

While the pattern pieces are relatively simple, the purse itself is a clever bit of origami!  The closure is made of large buttonholes the strap goes through. So smart, right?

It was a fun pattern to make up, and the only change I'd make in the future regards the buttonholes. The pattern has you construct the buttonholes in a bound buttonhole style on both the outside and liner pieces before putting them together. I just used the buttonhole function on my sewing machine, but the holes on the pieces weren't aligned very well when I put them together. Next time I'll put the outside and liner pieces together and do the buttonholes after.

The matching hat and belt that go with the purse!

The most wonderful part of this pattern? It still had the original name brand labels inside!  I added this and my own label when I was done. It really adds something and makes the purse feel extra special.

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