Sponsored: Nataya Emerald Dress

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I had some fun with this antique hat and gifted dress from Nataya this weekend!

More and more I’m appreciating newly-made, retro-styled clothing. This dress has pretty embroidered details and a flowy overlaid skirt—yet it’s also hardy enough for my life with toddlers. 😆

The neckline of this dress was a bit low for my personal preference, so I added a piece of antique lace across it. I think it blends in beautifully! It’s not a difficult thing to pin or sew on with a few stitches, and it can be a great way to showcase a unique smaller lace piece.

If you'd like to see some more details about this dress and possibly get one for yourself, you can  check it out here.   (You can use the code FLASHBACKSUMMER to get $10 off any Nataya purchase if you’d like as well!)

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