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Flashback Summer: Prim Goods Beauty Products Review - Primrose Hill

There are few things I love more than buying items I already want and need and knowing the profits go to a good cause.  When people from Primrose Hill contacted a blogger group I'm in to see if anyone would want to review their beauty products, I jumped at the chance!

Primrose Hill is a faith-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation center here in Missouri.  It's special, though, in the fact that it's one of only a very few centers in the country where a mother can bring her young children to live with her in the center for the twelve month program.  Their resources and training are centered on healing and recovery for both a mother and her children.  The family stays in a giant house and works through issues together in a loving environment.

Flashback Summer: Prim Goods Beauty Products Review - Primrose Hill
Since most of you readers are women, I was sure that you would be like me and appreciate this female-specific type of care.  In many centers, although they do wonderful things, they don't always take family and children into consideration.  This is a consideration that especially affects moms on their way to recovery, and it's wonderful to see Primrose Hill making family care possible.

Prim Goods Beauty Products also play a role in all of this!  You see, the products don't just fund the center, they are also made by women living there!  Each item has the name of the woman who made the product on the label.  Women are taught a trade that they can take with them back home, they grow their work ethic, and they learn to believe in themselves and their abilities again.  How beautiful is that?!  Their tagline is "Made Better by Our Story," and these items are a true reflection of that.

Flashback Summer: Prim Goods Beauty Products Review - Primrose Hill

I was sent a complimentary beauty bundle that sells for $38.00 on the Prim Goods website.  It contains chapstick, liquid hand soap, a bar of soap, a body scrub, and body lotion.  I tried each of the items, and they are great!  The body scrub, soap, and chapstick are all made of easily pronounceable ingredients like natural oils and lye.  There are several scents available for each product.

My personal favorite item was the body scrub.  It's a pretty abrasive scrub, but I used it on my winter-dry legs, and it helped remove dry skin and left a coconut oil moisturizing layer that has really helped my skin stop itching and look better.  I have sensitive skin, and none of these products bothered it at all, but Prim Goods also has versions made specifically for sensitive skin, which I'm sure would be really good for those of us with a high-maintenance epidermis! 

Flashback Summer: Prim Goods Beauty Products Review - Primrose Hill

Mother's Day is coming soon in the U.S., and spring and summer is the time for bridal showers, new babies, and all sorts of events.  Beauty products like these would make awesome gifts, and instead of funding a giant corporation, you're helping women and children get their lives back after addiction.  THAT is worth it.

- Learn more about Primrose Hill.
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- Donate to this great cause!

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  1. What a fantastic, meaningful company. Thank you for shining the well deserved spotlight on some of Primrose Hill's handmade beauty offerings.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us! It sounds like a wonderful organization! I will definitely look into their products!