Fashion Revolution 2016 - Secondhand First

Flashback Summer: Fashion Revolution 2016 - Secondhand First

Today's Fashion Revolution theme is "secondhand first," and I don't need to tell you vintage lovers much about that!  Most of us realize the beauty of buying "secondhand" items, especially if they happen to be midcentury or before!

One of the reasons I love vintage is that it's not even like other secondhand purchases from thrift stores or charity shops.  It's generally higher quality and much of it gains value over time instead of losing it.  It's collectible and it's historical... and it's fabulous!

The vintage community, obviously, lives out the "secondhand first" idea extremely well.  It's what makes us the vintage community!  

Flashback Summer: Fashion Revolution 2016 - Secondhand First

Another thing that I want to do better in, however, is in buying secondhand fabrics and newer secondhand clothing for sewing projects if at all possible.  Though I don't generally buy clothing from thrift stores very often, they are wonderful places to find clothing to create into something new, sewing notions, and fabric.  My wedding suit was made of mystery fabric from a thrift store, as well as many of my old college dorm accessories.  Now that I think of it... my wedding dress and veil were also "secondhand" vintage!

I actually prefer buying notions, especially zippers and buttons, secondhand if at all possible.  Zippers tend to be especially cost-effective this way, and oftentimes I get vintage metal zippers that hold up for longer!  Not to mention, vintage buttons are far superior in design and look to most modern buttons, in my opinion.

Flashback Summer: Fashion Revolution 2016 - Secondhand First

Quite honestly, I don't feel the need to write a very lengthy post, because this is something you are likely extremely good at already!  You see the value; you get it!

What are some of your favorite items to buy secondhand?  Are there any items you would like to be more diligent in checking for a secondhand version before buying new?


  1. I love buying hats second hand the best. I make a lot of hats but there's nothing like an original vintage that just gives you that feeling!

  2. We do really knock it out of the ball part, by and large, on this front in the vintage realm and that is such a fantastic thing (for the planet, for the state of 21st century consumerism, for reducing the size of landfills, etc).

    ♥ Jessica