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1898 Sign painter, source
Kathleen of Midvale Cottage Etsy Shop says:
"Flashback Summer is a wonderful blog with a growing fan base... It was delightful working with Emileigh who supports her sponsors with flexibility, enthusiasm, and dedication.  I am happy with the increased traffic to my Etsy shop as a result of my ad and her post that featured my shop.  I look forward to a continued relationship with this rising star in the vintage sewing and fashion world!"

Don't forget about Flashback Summer for promotion this holiday season!  People are shopping, getting inspired and geared up for the upcoming couple months, and Flashback Summer is a great place to catch their eye!

There are plenty of affordable options including sidebar ads, social media packages, and sponsored posts.  Feel free to check out the Sponsorship page or email me for more information!  I'd love to work with you!
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