New Flashback Summer Emails!

Flashback Summer: New Emails! - First Female Mail Carrier in Chicago, 1944
I've been pondering this addition to my blog for a long time, and I've decided to take the leap and do it!  Flashback Summer will now have an email newsletter you can subscribe to for more vintage inspiration!

And rest assured, the emails will be full of inspiration.  I'll be sending one out every 2 weeks as I start out, and it will be content exclusively sent to subscribers.  It won't be a repeat of a blog post or anything you've seen before on Flashback Summer, and you can only get it via email subscription!

Here are some of the things that will be included in the emails:
- DIYs and tutorials
- vintage magazine snippets
- stories
- outtakes and behind the scenes info

To subscribe, just put your email address in the form on the top right of the page, and you'll be receiving emails from me soon!

P.S. Random Fact: The lady in the photo above is Jeanette Lee, the first female letter carrier in Chicago!

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