My Not-a-Magazine-Shoot Living Room

Flashback Summer: My Not-a-Magazine-Shoot Living Room

If you were ever curious about how I decorate, this post will give you a taste!  Unlike a lot of other vintage wearers, I don't really like some aspects of retro decor, so my house doesn't scream as vintage as you might think it would, though it definitely includes vintage elements!

By vintage elements, I mean that I include lots of homemade touches, and I like to think that my house is much like a 1930s dust bowl home: small, cozy, lots of handmade things, and oftentimes having a thin layer of dust.  (I'm still getting the hang of a full time job AND keeping up a house!)  Also, we just got out of college, so we don't have all the funds in the world to work with or a history of picking all the exact pieces we want.  Right now a lot of the pieces are in the "make do" category, but that's a part of life!

Flashback Summer: My Not-a-Magazine-Shoot Living Room - 1920s Hoosier Cabinet
The 1920s Hoosier Cabinet we revamped
Flashback Summer: My Not-a-Magazine-Shoot Living Room

Flashback Summer: My Not-a-Magazine-Shoot Living Room

Our living room isn't blatantly retro, but it's so very me and Jacob.  We both love the overstuffed couches of our 90s childhoods and the Lovesac beanbag (stop giggling! It is the BRAND NAME!) that Jacob splurged on in college.  All the knicknacks have memories attached, like the Sudan posters to remind me of my time living there, or the WWII Army Air Force hat Jacob wore in our engagement video next to the modern one he wore for our wedding.  The Rosie the Riveter post is, well, just plain awesome along with reminding me of the lovely ladies I lived with in college.  (Rosie was our floor mascot.)

The color scheme throughout the house is just like this blog: red, navy, yellow, and sea foam!  (The green couch... is because it was a comfy, cheap couch.  Color wasn't high on the priority list.)  This color scheme incorporates the things Jacob likes (the Dallas Cowboys and the Air Force) and things I like (Rosie the Riveter, my Sudan posters, and... well, I just love sea foam).

That flea-market-found couch is where I do a lot of my post writing, Frasier-watching, and knitting.  My house may not be the best example of Midcentury decor or Art Deco details... but I love it!

Flashback Summer: My Not-a-Magazine-Shoot Living Room - Sudan posters and drop leaf table

Flashback Summer: My Not-a-Magazine-Shoot Living Room - repurposed vintage table cloth

Flashback Summer: My Not-a-Magazine-Shoot Living Room - Egyptian Pillow, Viszla-dachshund


  1. A very cute and cozy look at your home:) Thanks for sharing these images with us:)

  2. I think it's great. Who wants to live in something from a magazine anyway, it would always feel like you can't touch anything. Your room oozes a welcoming coziness to all who enter. I would never ever get rid of the cabinet either, it's a pretty one. :)

  3. Your living room looks super cozy and inviting! And your dear pup seems to love it a lot, so that's all that matters!

  4. What a cute room the cabinet is fab
    Retro rover

  5. I don't know how I missed this post, but it never ended up in my bloglovin' feed! :-( Anyway, I'm glad I happened upon it today. :-)

    It was so fun to see what your home looks like! I love seeing all the variety between bloggers' homes, and I love all the personal touches that you both brought to the room. :-)