Working Woman Series: Intro!

Flashback Summer: 1940s Working Woman Style Series - factory, farm, land girl

While we in the vintage community quite normally fawn over gorgeous evening gowns, feminine day dresses, and pretty heels, we oftentimes don't fully appreciate the practical wardrobes of working women.  I have realized that one cannot live in heels and frocks alone, and as I have gotten into wearing vintage every day over the past few years, I have discovered more and more the incredible value of the practical, comfy, durable clothing of working women of yesteryear.

Thus, I have a theme week for all of you focusing on the styles of women from World War II.  I'm taking inspiration from photos of working women from this Library of Congress collection, and throughout this two week series, I'll have practical hair tips, outfits, history, sewing resources, etc. all centered around the theme!  Hopefully you guys will find this info helpful in creating and gathering a more practical wardrobe!

Here's the plan for the next two weeks:

February 14 (Valentine's Day!):  Ladies to Love - Get Some Inspiration
February 18: Working Girl Shoes - Styles, Vintage Buys,and Modern Versions
February 20: How to Make a 1940s Headscarf/Bandana - DIY and Resources
February 22: Working Girl Trousers - Sewing Patterns, Resources, and Modern Versions
February 26:  Working Girl Blouses - Sewing Patterns, Resources, and Modern Versions

Also, be checking the Flashback Summer Facebook page for photos of my coordinating outfits during the next couple weeks!

Flashback Summer: 1940s Working Woman Style Series - factory, farm, land girl


  1. Fantastic topic and post series (I'm very eager to read all of them). I've always tried to keep some more rugged basics in my vintage wardrobe, but never have I relied on them as heavily as in the past year, ever since we got our super rambunctious dog and suddenly I needed clothes that wouldn't end up as tattered rags with one leap up on them (definitely something you never want with vintage!).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh dear, that is kind of a terrifying thought! I'm really excited about this series, too, as I've also found the need for more rugged clothes during this crazy winter!

  2. I actually love how they thought about practicality and fashion at the same time. They still maintained a level of femininity while doing "men's" work. Can't wait for the series!