Square Dance Dreams

Ever since my friend Laura and I went square dancing last Tuesday, it has been on my mind.  Who, especially a vintage lover, wouldn't want a chance to wear poufy crinolines and cutesy skirts while twirling around a dance floor?  It's kind of an amazing thing.

I don't really wear 50s, large-skirt styles much because they seem a little cumbersome for me, although I think they look lovely.  However, crinolines, especially pretty ones, make total sense when square dancing!  I'm pretty sure that there's a little girl in nearly every woman that likes to swish around in poufy skirts.

Here are some dream square dance outfits that have been on my mind:

3 February Edit:  The owner of the 70s square dance dress will give a 10% off discount to anyone who would like to purchase it if you indicate to her that you're a Flashback Summer reader!


  1. You look adorable!

    Man, the skirt in the Marion Waudby photo is to die for!


    1. I KNOW, right?! I love the native American theme with the katsina (kachina, however you want to spell it) dolls on it! (At least, I think that's what those are! Oh, for a color photo!!)

  2. So cute, fun and wild west wonderful! For many, many years now there's been an annual square dance festival held in our town and though I've not participated myself, I've always loved to head down there on a warm summer's eve and watch the dancers (mostly senior citizens) swing their partners do-si-do.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Yes, it saddened me when the people at the square dancing here said the same thing, that their dance festivals are pretty much all seniors now. They were so excited to see us "youngsters" there to keep the tradition alive! That makes me want to learn to square dance even more. Although I know it's definitely present in other countries, it's such an integral part of American culture and history. In fact, it's even the state dance of Missouri and almost half of the states in the U.S.! I'd hate for it to die out.