Save the Date Video!

My maid of honor and best friend, Maureen, created the FABULOUS Save-the-Date video below for Jacob and I!  While shooting in frigid, wind-tunnel conditions, she made this amazingness.

And, yes, these are both original, real 1940s outfits!  They are both answers to prayer, too (yes, I do pray for these things), an example of the fact that God answers even our smallest prayers.  I've included the story about them below!

It's long, but here's the story:

I obviously really love the 1940s, and I wanted to incorporate it into our wedding theme and engagement photos/video.  I also wanted to acknowledge Jacob's military service in the Air Force and my goals of joining soon as well.  Thus, I thought a great combo would be to find a World War II Army Air Force uniform.  (The Air Force as a separate branch was not created in the U.S. until after WWII.)  However, as any re-enactor would know, these uniforms are difficult to find.  They are not only WWII uniforms, but the uniform has to be Army, and then it has to from a specialized unit in the Army that was part of the Air Force.  And then it has to be in wearable condition with enough pieces to be historically accurate.  And Jacob's size. And it has to be within my price range.  Dang.

I searched and found pieces here and there in flea markets, but never anything Air Force and never anything Jacob's size.  I was losing hope.  I checked online, and it was frightening how expensive even just the Eisenhower-style jackets are.  Really losing hope.  So I prayed a prayer that sounded something like this, "God, I know this is kind of dumb, and it's not important in the whole giant scheme of things when eternity is taken into consideration, but.... I would really like a WWII uniform for Jacob.  It doesn't even have to be a very nice one, it could just be the shirt and pants and I could make up with the rest.  It would be really cool to use it in our engagement photos and I would basically melt inside with happiness at how historically accurate they are, but I realize it's kind of a vain thing to ask for in comparison to all the issues in the world.... but it would still be really amazing.  I know you can do it, God, and I would really appreciate it.  But if it's not meant to be, it's okay.  It's just something I would like, but it isn't something I need.  You've provided the totally awesome man, and that's quite enough right there."

Then last summer I went to a flea market in Michigan with my grandmother, and as I rummaged through I turned a corner and......... GASPED.  Peeking out from the corner, I saw a clothing rack.  And I saw the outline of little 8 with wings. 
"THAT'S A WWII AIR FORCE PATCH," I thought to myself.
I ran over and nearly fainted.  It was a full WWII.... Army.... Air Force..... OFFICER.... Complete..... Wearable..... uniform.... IN. JACOB'S. SIZE.
And you know what was next to it?  A 1940s HAWAIIAN PRINT DAY DRESS IN EXACTLY MY SIZE (even length)!!!  It belonged to a woman who bought it on her honeymoon to Hawaii in the 1940s.  AAAAAAA!  Provenance!  

I just had to stand there and hug them for a second (quite literally) while my grandma asked what it was, and I elatedly explained my plan for photos and stuff.  Next I looked at the price, and although very reasonable, it was beyond my budget.  My grandma stepped in and offered to buy both pieces as an early engagement gift.  Needless to say..... I was/am very grateful!

I told the shop owner that the uniform was for an Air Force vet (you'll see why in a second), and he took off some money to leave the entire uniform at the price of....
Just guess.


It has a tie, two two-point caps, two shirts, pants, and the Eisenhower jacket.  They all belonged to the same man at whose estate sale this flea market owner bought the uniform.  This man's brother's uniform is in a museum.  That's how nice it is.

Now if that weren't amazing enough, keep reading.  Jacob HATES the two-point style caps (which are still worn today, much to Jacob's chagrin), so I set out to look for a "bus driver" style for him.  I found the one in a video in a flea market in Springfield a few weeks later!  Oh, and it's an officer's hat and, from my research, I am 98% sure it is a "crusher cap", a style of cap created for airplane pilots and crews that was made to be "crushed" and put in a pocket or worn under headphones.  These hats can sell for $300 apiece, and this one was $30.  Wow.

Now all this long story to say, isn't God good?  I know there are much more important things in the world that he didn't have to answer my dumb engagement photo prayer, but you know what?  He did.  'Cuz he can, and that's the kind of God he is.  Some people would call it a coincidence, but.... go ahead and look for a complete WWII officer's Army Air Force uniform in a size 32-33, with insignia, of a man who was deployed, in nearly perfect condition with a $30 crusher hat, and find it at exactly the right time in a tiny corner of a random flea market in the boondocks of Michigan near where my family happens to live so you can examine it in person before buying--Oh, and make it $80--and tell me how easy it was to find, how coincidental the whole thing is.  God is good.  'Nuff said.


  1. Neat story and amazing video! My hubby has family in Alton IL. God is good and has blessed the two of you and will continue to do so. (((hugs)))

  2. God is pretty amazing! And it's so cool that He takes the time to care about the little things that we care about. :)

  3. So awesome! I just found your blog and love the vintage/God/lifestyle mix. What a wonderful story there is to go along with this. So beautiful. I love how God shows His wonderful love for us in those little, yet wonderful ways :)

  4. God is good! I love you, this post, and this attitude so much. So happy for you and Jacob! You are a FANTASTIC looking couple!

  5. I too love the little things that although as you put it not as important in the grander scheme of things, still mean a lot to us and God knows that. I'm happy you got your WWII engagement photoshoot. I find myself whispering prayers like "God help me find this or that..."

  6. That is such a heartwarmingly fantastic story! I'm thrilled for you both and love the immensely special, wonderfully lovely video you were able to create to celebrate and commemorate this amazing time in your young lives.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. This video made my day, so sweet! You both look wonderful and so happy. It's amazing how things that are meant to be just have a way of working out. :)
    Those are amazing finds for some amazing prices, particularly the crusher cap which is VERY collectable! A complete WWII Army Air Corps uniform with minor condition issues for $80 would still be a great deal. How wonderful for you to find this one in pristine condition. I think the original owner would be happy to knew it's in good hands. :)

    Emily's Vintage Visions

  8. Such a nice video! The uniform looks amazing.

  9. Hey, me again! Just wanted to let you know that I've linked to this in my 'monthlies' was just too cute not to share!

  10. Aww! I love it! What a darling couple! I've been reading your blog for a while now and thought I'd pop in and say hi! Merry from

    1. Well thank you Merry! Thanks for popping in, and I'm glad you liked it!

  11. Just found your site a couple hours ago while looking for info on making a triangular head scarf. I am absolutely addicted!!!!! I saw your post here about your engagement and wedding and couldn't resist reading it. When I read the part of how God was in the small things, I loved it. I am a great believer that God is in even the smaller things we deal with. If I lose something and cannot find it, when I am trying a new project and can't figure it out, etc. I always ask God to help me and even though it may take a minute or a few days, I always find the object, instruction, the way to do something, etc. what I am looking for. My husband and I have been married for 40 years this coming April and he is also a Retired Navy Veteran. We raised 2 girls who I think turned out pretty good. My oldest is married to a great guy and they have 9 kids. (Yes, they are all theirs and I love all the kisses and hugs when we visit.) Our youngest daughter is happily single and the mother of Pickles, my granddog. She has bought her own house and works hard for what she wants and needs. She does not want kids and we are okay with that. Of course, eldest daughter has made up for that...LOL!

    We are childhood sweethearts, born only 7 days apart, (for 1 week out of a year, he is a whole year older than me) as our parents were good friends before we were born. He always said he was going to marry me and we never really dated because we moved from Philly when I was 3 or 4 years old. Our families would visit each other at least once yearly and Hubby and I would write to each other all the time. Our first childhood date was Disney's Pinocchio and our first grownup date (age 17) was (Drumroll please...., yes, wait for it....) Star Wars!!!! The very first SW movie ever made. So, I am sure you figured out our age. LOL Due to his military service, he was a jet mech, we couldn't go to all the SW movies together, but we have seen the newer ones since he retired. For our 25th Anniversary, because I am a SW LEGO freak, he got me the Imperial Star Destroyer set. Some people think that was weird but it shows that he knows what I like. We have had many ups and downs but we work on our problems instead of giving up and throwing our love away. We were 18 when we got married and a lot of people said it wouldn't work. Well, guess what, 40 years later, we are still together.

    1. For some reason I just saw your comment! That is all very awesome! Glad you ran across my blog so I could "meet" a fellow military wife!