My Wedding: Bridesmaid Boxes DIY

Flashback Summer- My Wedding: Bridesmaid Boxes DIY Tutorial

The wedding planning has begun!

Amidst the phone calls, google searches, lists, and planning sessions, I want to be sure that the ladies I ask to be my bridesmaids feel informed, important, and loved throughout the whole wedding process.  They aren't wedding lackeys; they're my best friends, and I wanted them to know that!

So, to ask each woman to be my bridesmaid, I created these boxes to reflect the wedding theme (You guessed it! 1940s/mild Americana!) and provide them with details and expectations for the big day.  After the wedding, they can use it to put photos, invites, wedding favors, etc. in and remember our good times.  I could also see these as great gift boxes, a Mother's Day gift, all sorts of things!

I created six boxes (only three are shown here), and they are all different.  However, they could all be made the same as well, and I don't think it would be a problem.  Just do what suits you and your maids-to-be best!

 - wooden box
- acrylic paint
- scrapbook papers
- fabric scraps
- plain paper
- yarn
- pre-made Valentine hearts
- silver Sharpie
(These are just what I used.  The world is your oyster on decorating the boxes however you want!)

- First, I painted the outside and inside of each box in red, navy, and white and let them dry thoroughly.

- While they dried, some friends and I made paper and fabric stars and flowers to decorate the boxes.  Here are a few tutorials that could help you expand your flower-making repertoire:

Flashback Summer- My Wedding: Bridesmaid Boxes DIY Tutorial

- Next, I wrote something on the front of the box to ask or lead to opening the box.  For the drawer box, I couldn't write anything inside that would be seen immediately when the drawer was pulled out, so I just wrote the question on the outside.  The other boxes led to the question inside.  Here are some of the phrases I used:
(outside) "I just have one question for you..." (inside) "Will you be my maid?"
(outside) "Will you be my maid?"  (inside) "...And my maid of honor?"
(outside) "Now that I've answered the big question, I have a question for you..."  (inside) "Will you be my maid?"
Of course, you can write whatever you want that fits your occasion!

Flashback Summer- My Wedding: Bridesmaid Boxes DIY Tutorial

- After this, I hot glued the fabric and paper flowers, stars, and Valentine hearts on the insides and outsides of the boxes in ways that looked right to me.  Personally, I don't prefer a lot of symmetry, so I went with more asymmetrical layouts.  They just seem more visually interesting to me.

- Now for the contents of the box, I took some of the fancy paper and wrote a personal note to each girl, folded it, and tied it with a cute yarn bow.

Flashback Summer- My Wedding: Bridesmaid Boxes DIY Tutorial

- I also created a little booklet that has details for the wedding that bridesmaids would like to know, such as the date, place, their role, their dress, etc.  I just made this on the computer, and each booklet page was 1/4 of a printer paper page.  Then I punched two holes in the top of each booklet and tied it with a yarn bow too.

Flashback Summer- My Wedding: Bridesmaid Boxes DIY Tutorial

- Here are some other ideas for things to include in a box:
a picture of you and the bridesmaid
the story of how you met
a printout of a poem or song you both find special or memorable
a drawing or doodle your bridesmaid would appreciate
a friendship bracelet/necklace (no school like the old school)

- Then I wrapped the boxes in some tissue paper, placed them in bags and delivered them to my awesome bridesmaids!  From what I've seen... they've been a success!  I've gotten a yes from every girl so far that's gotten her box!


  1. Fantastic idea! What a great way to invite them to be part of your big day. :)

    Emily's Vintage Visions

  2. This is such a nice idea! A lovely keepsake for your bridesmaids.

  3. These are incredibly pretty and so heartwarmingly special (fabulous work!!!). What an awesome, memorable gift to bestow on your bridesmaids.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Gosh May is just right around the corner. Did you decide on a vintage dress? You are so kind to set up your bridesmaids with dresses. I'm looking forward to seeing all your planning details. I can just imagine the music you have planned too!

    1. I DID decide on a vintage dress! Of course, I'm not going to reveal it before the big day, but there will definitely be LOADS of pictures of it to share with you guys, too!