My Wedding Theme Revealed!

Flashback Summer: My Wedding Theme Revealed!  1940s military air force wedding
As I got to share with all of you in this post, Jacob and I are now engaged, and I am in full wedding-planning mode!

The process of figuring out what kind of wedding I want and the theme has been  organic, free-flowing, and very abstract.  A lot of it has been me just laying on my couch with my eyes closed trying to picture different things and visualizing what I want.  Below I've shared my thought process, and also some inspiration photos that help describe the feel Jacob and I would like.

Flashback Summer: My Wedding Theme Revealed!  1940s military air force wedding
I also had to ask myself logistical questions such as these few below in order to narrow things down further for myself:
- What time of year is the wedding?
- What time of day will it be?
- How many people will be there?
- What venue will it be in?  Will it fit the theme or need some transformation work?
- What is my budget?  What are my top priorities that will get the largest chunks of the decorating budget portion?
- What kinds of items/decor will pack the biggest punch and most concisely embody my theme or really create the feeling I want at the wedding?

Flashback Summer: My Wedding Theme Revealed!  1940s military air force wedding

Then I asked myself more personal questions to narrow it down:
- What are things I have dreamt of having at my wedding?
- Does this theme reflect me and Jacob?
- Does this go with Jacob being an airman and us having a military wedding?
- Will this theme be inclusive of our loved ones?
- Is the theme classy and timeless, or is it faddish?

Flashback Summer: My Wedding Theme Revealed!  1940s military air force wedding

Once I answered these questions and figured out what kind of feel I want my wedding to have, I began thinking of the specifics of decor like colors, fabrics, lighting, etc. and other elements that add to the theme like food and transportation.

And after pondering, the theme can be described as this:
1940s Vintage Americana!
The main colors are red, navy blue, and silver (come on, it's a military wedding), but it's definitely not going to be matchy-matchy at all.  I want it to look as if the entire neighborhood came together to create a wedding and brought lots of linens, silver, and dishes for us to borrow.  It's really going to have a "ya'll come" sort of vibe to it!

I'm really excited about this theme!  As I go along in the planning, I'll be sharing tidbits that you all may find interesting and/or useful!  WOOOO WEDDING!

Flashback Summer: My Wedding Theme Revealed!  1940s military air force wedding


  1. Congratulations!!! Can't wait to see more plans! :)

  2. What a joyful, amazing theme to select! I can already envision how stunning a 1940s Americana filled wedding is going to be.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Sounds great! I've been to a couple of military weddings before (one at which I was waitressing in my old job and the other was my cousin's last year) and they have such a great vibe!

  4. Congratulations! Some how I missed your engagement post!?! You and I must be on the same wavelength with wedding planning! lol :) Cori and I are also planning a 1940s/vintage theme wedding for October. Our colors are dark red, navy blue, chocolate brown, and light blue accents. We wanted to do something a bit different but also something that really fit us and our various interests. Like you, we don't want a matchy, typical kind of wedding. My bridesmaids will all (hopefully) be wearing vintage 40s dresses. (We might have to make one or two of them). And no boring strapless dress for me! If I can find a vintage dress great, if not I will be making one as I already have the lace.
    If you are interested send me an email and I would be happy to share some additional ideas! I have a bunch of images on my Pinterest page you might like too. Have fun and enjoy your planning. Can't wait to see/read more about your plans!

    Emily's Vintage Visions

    1. Thanks so much, Emily! Your plans sound great, too!

  5. We had an abstract theme too, so no worries! It'll all come together and look wonderful! These are fabulous inspiration images!


  6. Well your lucky he isn't a Marine or there would be a sword swatting your backside at some point ;P

  7. Oh what a grand wedding theme. 40s Americana!! Wonderfully awesome!!! I can't wait to hear more about the planning details.

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  9. It’s good to hear how you're planning for your wedding. That big day is definitely one of those things that are quite easy to visualize, but difficult to plan. After you think of the date, themes and motifs would come next, which makes the budget come least priority. I’m glad that you’re doing great at executing your ideas. Best wishes!

    Dustin Maxwell