Lady In Red.... Trousers

I posted last time about my new bakelite and included an outfit along with it.  In this outfit were my new red trousers:

Flashback Summer: Lady In Red... Trousers - Butterick 9779

Flashback Summer: Lady In Red... Trousers - Butterick 9779

I really, really like these pants.  They're made from the Butterick 9779 pattern, "Junior Miss Proportioned Pants".  (This pattern has a shorts option as well, which I posted about here and here.)  They were quite tricky to adjust to fit me correctly, but now that I've got the adjustments, I'll make them again with no problems!

For anyone who wants to try this pattern, I thought I would include my thoughts about it and the changes I made, in case it would be helpful.

I used an old curtain panel to make these pants, and I think it's a linen-like fabric, a looser weave that's still a bit thick.  This worked well, but I would definitely recommend using a sturdier fabric, especially if you want to have a snugger fit, and a small stitch length.  I'm a little nervous about the loose weave coming apart at stress points.

These pants were slightly above my waist size, so I brought it in a bit on the waist darts.  I also brought in the hip a bit because the pattern has a more rounded shape than my hips have.

I also had to alter the back to accommodate my apparently larger bottom using this tutorial from the Coletterie.

Lastly, I had to shorten the torso.  Though the pattern comes in tall, medium, and short, the short pants (proportioned for 5'3" women and under) were still long for me in the torso.

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  1. Wow! I can't believe you made these! They look amazing! :D

  2. These are seriously awesome! The colour, cut and leg length are fabulous on you, dear gal. Wonderful sewing work!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Those pants are utterly gorgeous! They have a very flattering shape and suit you very well. Makes me wish I could sew... I love the colour combination of the whole outfit, it looks fantastic! :)

    ~ Sesame