Intercultural Vintage: Middle East Novelty Prints

The Middle East has always had the reputation of mystery, exotic adventures, and magic in the West.  Even back in the day, some gorgeous novelty prints captured what is perhaps the most recognizable aspect of the Middle Eastern cityscape: the dome and minarets of a mosque.  (Though churches also have some of these features, e.g. the Hagia Sophia.)

I would love to find a skirt like the one below, or fabric like these!  I'm especially drawn to the yellow dress at the bottom.  Which one is your favorite?
Vintage + Middle East = love.

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  1. Gorgeous fabric! I don't know if I could pick a favorite, but I really should try to find more like this for me!!

  2. The circle skirt at the top is by far my favourite of these items. Something about the simple lines of the print really catches my eye, it would look so stylish in hundreds of different outfits.

  3. These are all so very magnificent! I've long adored 1950s novelty print and hand painted skirts, but this year, my feelings for them have really intensified, in no small part because I'm on the hunt for an Italian themed novelty/hand painted circle skirt in my size and price range (I want one so very badly because my DH is a native son of Italy, and it seems like wearing one would be such a great vintage approved way to celebrate his culture). If I see any Middle Easter ones in my online journeys, I will let you know immediately, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. That would be great if you'd let me know! Thanks for keeping an eye out for me, Jessica!

  4. Ah, I will keep a lookout for these fabulous fabrics.

  5. How fabulous are all of these!? What a wonderful selection you've highlighted!