Early 40s Valentine's House Dress

Flashback Summer: Early 1940s Valentine's House Dress

Today you're seeing something rare in my wardrobe: the color pink and puff sleeves.  But I like it and it's Valentine's Day appropriate!

Navy Suit & New Sweater

Flashback Summer: Navy Blue 1940s suit and handmade sweater

You may notice a pattern in my pictures for my last few posts and the next few: taupe siding and wooden fences.  Well... That's because it's frigid here and I'm venturing only just outside my apartment for photos then hurrying back inside to warmth. Both of these backgrounds happen to be around my building, haha!

So today... taupe siding and my outfit of the day! I recently started working in an office again, so I've been bringing out my nicer day wear again.  My absolute favorite piece in my closet now is this 1940s navy blue suit.  Since I've bulked up a bit, it actually fits better now, which was a very pleasant surprise amidst the rest of my wardrobe suddenly becoming too small. 

1930s Cynthia Sweater

Flashback Summer: 1930s Cynthia vintage hand knitted sweater

Sweaters are just the best, aren't they?  They're comfortable, they're size-forgiving, they can be dressed up or down.  Solid ones, like the one I just finished, are fantastic wardrobe basics that go brilliantly with patterned bottoms, suits, etc.  After my eagle sweater and striped sweater, I figured it was time to make something more versatile.

Red Overalls

Flashback Summer: 1940s Red Overalls - Wearing History Homefront

I am SO excited about this make. In fact, I think it's one of my favorite projects in a long time. It addresses a wardrobe gap, I wear it all the time, and it fits well.  Check, check, check!

Frigid Winds and New Friends

Flashback Summer: 1940s Winter Style

At the end of December, the weather here got suddenly, pointlessly cold.  There was no snow, just frigid, biting wind. However, there was a highlight! One of the friends Jacob met in Air Force training last summer was coming to town, so we got the chance to see her. Turns out, she is also a photographer and asked if I'd like to do an impromptu photo shoot.  I always need photos for this blog, so that was a definite yes! 

1940s Air Force Shirt

Flashback Summer: vintage 1940s style Air Force shirt

I'm pausing the #vintagedecemberstyle to share this Air Force themed shirt I made and wore on my birthday. As I said in a previous post, my measurements are changing. It's been a good catalyst to delve into sewing knits! This is my second project with a knit (the first will be posted later), and I'm pretty pleased with it.  This outfit is also a good example of a casual, vintage-inspired look that I wear often. I love vintage, but I also really love skinny jeans!