Sunflower Abaya Refashion

Flashback Summer - Sunflower abaya refashion 1940s intercultural vintage

Although I lived in Sudan about seven years ago, I still have a few garments from there that I've kept.  They're sentimental and remind me of one of the most adventurous, most learning-filled times in my life so far.  They're also traditional garments worn by Muslim women in Sudan.  A couple of the garments I own are tobe, and one of the others I'm sharing today is an abaya, a long robe.

Foray into the Fifties

Flashback Summer: Foray into the Fifties - 1950s vintage fashion

Today I have a rare jump into 1950s style!  I don't often wear anything post-1940s, but this dress was so perfect in fit, style, and comfort that I had to add it to my closet.  I saw it at a clothing swap, and it aligned wonderfully with the goals I have for my wardrobe: navy blue, easy to wear, flattering neckline, great fit.  It actually fit without any alterations, a rare treat indeed!  I also like that, although it's 1950s, the V neckline has a bit of a "V for victory" motif to me.  I can definitely picture wearing my patriotic brooches with it in future stylings.

Casual Vintage Style for Chores & Lounging

Casual Vintage Style for Chores & Lounging

I decided a while ago that I need more house dresses in my life.  While I have had slow progress toward that goal as life has gotten busy and my sewing has slowed down, I have finished this dress!  I made it out of a bit of fabric someone gave me as well as some red cotton scraps from a blouse that is in process.

Lately... Fun Times & Outfits

WHEW, I have been going at it pretty fast these last few weeks!  At the end of June I went to Alabama for my husband's military officer training graduation, then I came home for a couple days.... And next I road tripped to northern California with a friend and visited for a week.  I just got home last weekend, and I'm back to work this Monday.

Lavender Falls Farm

Flashback Summer: Lavender Falls Farm - Clever, Missouri

One of the best parts of summer, in my opinion, are blooming lavender fields.  They don't last long, but while they're blooming they're some of the most beautiful sights to see!  In Missouri there are only a couple lavender farms, and one of them is about 30 minutes from where I live in Clever: Lavender Falls Farm.

Collaboration Outfit Fashion Photos

Flashback Summer: Collaboration Outfit Fashion Photos - African Outfit

As I shared about in my last post, I received this fabric c/o Ankara & Lace.  I took their style quiz, and I was quite pleased with this fabric they picked out!  I wanted to try something new with it, so I talked to my friend Esther.