1920s Tennis Dress from House of Recollections

Flashback Summer: 1920s Tennis Dress from House of Recollections
(For some reason my hair looked really red in these photos.  It's not; I didn't dye it.  I don't know what happened, haha!)
While I absolutely love 1920s party dresses, I can't wear them every day!  I do have to wear some more hardy, casual clothing for my daytime, regular-life activities.  I was so pleased to discover the House of Recollections Etsy shop when I was searching for such pieces!

Art Deco Goodness from Revere Folie

Flashback Summer: Art Deco Revere Folie earring review 1920s

I love the power of accessories to take a look up a notch.  When I discovered Revere Folie, a handmade and vintage-inspired accessories shop, I fell in love with the fun shapes and shininess!

Gatsbylady Isobel Petite Dress

Flashback Summer: Gatsbylady Isobel Petite Dress review - 1920s party

A 1920s beaded party dress is ALWAYS welcome in my closet.  They're decadent, they're comfortable, they're fabulous.  However, as a short person I've had trouble finding gowns that fit well.  I usually have to alter the straps and make them shorter, and the shaping can be a bit off at times.  Not so with this dress!

Pre-Tied Turban: Sarah's Doo-Wop Do

Pre-Tied Turban: Sarah's Doo-Wop Do

I have an exciting recommendation for those of you that love the look of vintage turbans but don't want to have to tie them all the time: Sarah's Doo-Wop Dos!

Intercultural Vintage: Nassau's Mademoiselle dress

Flashback Summer: Intercultural Vintage fashion - Nassau's Mademoiselle dress - khanga

What a mystery this dress is!  Like, seriously, this garment is a mish-mosh of cultures from all over the world, and the more I have researched the crazier this mystery has become.

Lovely Lounging: 1930s Charmeuse Gown

Flashback Summer: Lovely Lounging - 1930s Charmeuse Gown

Many of us have incredible outdoor wardrobes, but we haven't built up our indoor wardrobes as much.  Perhaps because not many people see it, or it's not a priority for the budget.  But I'm here to tell you... pretty loungewear is SOOOO worth it!