Vintage Woman in a Modern World: Vintage & Image-Building

Flashback Summer: Vintage Woman in a Modern World: Vintage & Image-Building

Today I read a great post by Missi of the blog Curve Creation entitled "Retro Girl in a Modern World: Pinup & Social Anxiety."  While I don't have social anxiety myself, her post sparked some good thought for me on the reasons why I wear vintage and the downsides and benefits it presents.  Although I could wax eloquent on lots of different reasons I wear it, I thought specifically on how it helps me portray myself to others around me.  My style is a mix of expressing who I am now and a tool for growing myself into who I aspire to be.  Vintage has four characteristics that help me in this:                 {pin this}

The Wanderer

Flashback Summer: The Wander from Happy Yellow Dress - vintage

Although it's supposed to be fall, it's still quite hot here in Missouri.  I have yet to put away my summer clothes, and I was delighted to try out this new sleeveless dress I received from Happy Yellow Dress to a friend's baby shower in a park.  The weather turned out to be just perfect, and this breezy cotton dress was super comfortable.  Not to mention it accents my runner's/farmer's tan beautifully, haha!

Sunflower Abaya Refashion

Flashback Summer - Sunflower abaya refashion 1940s intercultural vintage

Although I lived in Sudan about seven years ago, I still have a few garments from there that I've kept.  They're sentimental and remind me of one of the most adventurous, most learning-filled times in my life so far.  They're also traditional garments worn by Muslim women in Sudan.  A couple of the garments I own are tobe, and one of the others I'm sharing today is an abaya, a long robe.

Foray into the Fifties

Flashback Summer: Foray into the Fifties - 1950s vintage fashion

Today I have a rare jump into 1950s style!  I don't often wear anything post-1940s, but this dress was so perfect in fit, style, and comfort that I had to add it to my closet.  I saw it at a clothing swap, and it aligned wonderfully with the goals I have for my wardrobe: navy blue, easy to wear, flattering neckline, great fit.  It actually fit without any alterations, a rare treat indeed!  I also like that, although it's 1950s, the V neckline has a bit of a "V for victory" motif to me.  I can definitely picture wearing my patriotic brooches with it in future stylings.

Casual Vintage Style for Chores & Lounging

Casual Vintage Style for Chores & Lounging

I decided a while ago that I need more house dresses in my life.  While I have had slow progress toward that goal as life has gotten busy and my sewing has slowed down, I have finished this dress!  I made it out of a bit of fabric someone gave me as well as some red cotton scraps from a blouse that is in process.

Lately... Fun Times & Outfits

WHEW, I have been going at it pretty fast these last few weeks!  At the end of June I went to Alabama for my husband's military officer training graduation, then I came home for a couple days.... And next I road tripped to northern California with a friend and visited for a week.  I just got home last weekend, and I'm back to work this Monday.