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I'm Emileigh!  I'm the blogger here, and I love talking about all things vintage lifestyle while adding an intercultural twist.

I love vintage styles, particularly ones from the 1920s-1940s, and I hunt for them in flea markets and online shops and sometimes create my own through sewing, knitting, crochet, and any other ways I can manage to figure out!  

In high school, my family lived in Egypt and Sudan, and this experience has greatly affected my worldview. I love to twinge my vintage outfits with bits from other cultures I've lived in or visited.  Exploring issues surrounding race, ethnicity, and culture as it relates to the vintage community and to fashion is important to me. I hope to expand "vintage lifestyle" from a mostly white, Eurocentric perspective to include the beauty, resiliency, and history of other peoples.  (You can learn more about my cultural experiences and how it relates to my fashion in this interview.)

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If you haven't stopped by before, you'd probably want to get a good idea of what this blog is about.  Here are some of my most popular posts you may want to check out:
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