Interview with a Blog Husband

Flashback Summer: Interview with a Blog Husband -

"Is your husband into vintage, too?"

"What does your husband think of your clothing?"

"Does he like old stuff?"

I get a lot of questions about my husband's style and interests, so I thought I'd take a chance to interview him!  Jacob takes most of the photos you see here on the blog when I'm not using a tripod, and I appreciate his help!  So here's some insight from the man behind the camera:

Flashback Summer: Interview with a Blog Husband -

So... Are you into vintage, too?
No.  (He's a man of few words, you will see.)

Do you care about fashion at all?


What's your favorite thing to wear?

Probably blue jeans. Actually, my military uniform is my favorite.

Do you like old stuff?

Yes, I like old things.  I like going to flea markets and stuff, that sort of thing.

Did Emileigh wear vintage when you met her?  What do you think of her style?

No, she didn't, but she started to when we were dating.  I wouldn't ever wear vintage personally, but I'm glad Emileigh does.  She likes it, and it's unique and classy.

Flashback Summer: Interview with a Blog Husband -

What are some of the more inconvenient parts of being a "blog husband"?
Pictures, taking pictures.  Cell phone pictures, real pictures, having to drop everything for a quick photo shoot because the light is fading.  Lots of pictures.

What are some of the perks of being a blog husband?

Emileigh looks good.  That's nice.  I always know what to get her for holidays because she's got such a defined style.  I like how she gets free stuff sometimes, too, since we save money then.

Exactly how much taller are you than Emileigh?
Exactly one foot taller!

Where are your cool sunglasses from?

When offered, I picked these Revel Blythe sunglasses from  (I got the black version.) They're the first nice pair of sunglasses I've ever gotten, and I can tell a difference.  They go well with my style and even my military uniform, so I like them.  They came with a cleaning cloth and hardy case, and those help me keep them looking nice.  They're also available with prescription lenses, too.  I'd highly recommend them!

Flashback Summer: Interview with a Blog Husband -

Do any of you have a "blog husband" that helps you, too?  Does he wear vintage, or no?  If you could pick any sunglasses from, which would you pick?

Both pairs of glasses were provided c/o, but all opinions are honest and from Jacob and me.  (You can read about my glasses here.)  For more information on my review standards, check out my policy page.


  1. Yes, I too am quite blessed to have a "blogger husband" that helps, supports, and takes part in his own way with what I do as a blogger. He does wear vintage and also vintage made-by-me, though much less frequently than myself! I think it helps him understand and appreciate what I do. He proofreads my writing for me, he's my photographer, helps me find locations for pictures, besides just being someone to listen to my sewing and history chatter...!

    Blogging husbands certainly take on an unusual role! It's always nice to have 'the one behind it all' get the recognition spotlight for once, right?!

    1. Wow, he sure does do a lot! That's awesome! It is really nice to have a partner to help things go smoothly on a blog. Your husband sounds like a great partner in crime!

  2. I LOVE this idea so much! Ages ago my husband had a series on my blog, but it was abandoned after a handful of entries. But I may very well steal this idea! With credit of course!


    1. Go for it, Janey! I'm sure your husband will be more verbose than mine, haha!

  3. Fun interview :) My husband is just like yours (not into vintage) but he has started to care more about his clothes as I have defined my style. While my husband does not take any photos for me, he does have to listen to me talk all the time about my blog stats and this post and that comment. I think he sometimes blocks me out lol!

    Thanks for sharing a bit about you husband


    1. Haha, that's very nice of your husband to listen to your shop talk! It's always nice to have a sounding board for ideas or someone just plain supporting you!