Bedroom Refresh with Minted Art Prints

Flashback Summer: Bedroom Refresh with Minted

"Jacob, you know what we should do?  Rearrange the bedroom.  We've lived here for a whole year and we've never changed it around."

"We haven't lived here a year."

"What?  Of course we have.  We moved in in... in..."

"We moved in here last October.  It's been four months."

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?  How is that possible?!  It feels like forever!"

Above is a real conversation that took place in my home this week.  As a TCK that has moved around a lot, I get majorly antsy after living in one place for a while.  I'm now up to about seven years of living in Springfield... and some days I feel like I'm going to snap like a twig.  Jacob and I have lived in three houses for various reasons in our three years of being married, but I still get a major wanderlust every once in a while that needs to be addressed. 

One of the ways I assuage this feeling is by refreshing different rooms in my house every couple months.  Whether it's reorganizing, purging, rearranging, or switching out a piece of art/furniture, it really helps me until the day we are finally active duty military and are required to move every couple years, wooo!

Flashback Summer: Bedroom Refresh with Minted

For our bedroom, the layout just wasn't working so well for me.  I thought I would like it, but as we've lived with it the past few months I found it feeling crowded, and the left side of the bed was pretty close to the trunk and made for little walking room.  After much visualizing, Jacob helped me move the bed into a corner.  I felt sacrificing an open side of the bed was worth it for all the extra floor space we have in our room now.  We even did yoga in there!

Flashback Summer: Bedroom Refresh with Minted

I also wanted to try to make colors a bit more consistent or have some way of tying them together.  When Minted offered me the chance to pick a limited edition art print, I was elated!  I chose the 40x30" Paris Nights print with a matte brass frame.  It replaced the three way-too-small framed magazine covers I had over our bed.  This massive, empty wall needed a giant statement, and this print was it!  Not only does it reference a dream of mine to go to Paris, but it also has dark blue and yellow, some of the main colors of my bedroom.  

Flashback Summer: Bedroom Refresh with Minted
The change is Dietrich-approved

The print comes framed and ready to hang right out of the box, and they even included little sticky dots to put on the backside of your frame at the corners to protect your walls.  The printing is well done, and Minted has a lot of art prints to choose from.  I like that they're limited edition and information is shared about the artist.  It makes it feel more special.

So it's not a giant overhaul of the room, but it's a cost-effective, mental health-saving trick that does wonders for me, particularly as the seasons are beginning to change.  

Do you guys every feel the need to refresh your space?  What are some of your tricks?  If you could get any print from Minted right now, which would you pick?

The "Paris Nights" art print was provided c/o Minted and I've used affiliate links, but all opinions are honest and my own.  For more information on my collaboration standards, check out my policy page.


  1. Oooh, it looks so comfy! This gives me ideas, haha.

    Minted sounds like a great service!

    1. Haha, good! Ideas are always helpful. And Minted IS awesome! They have a LOT of options.