1940s Sweater Dress

I have long wanted a fabulous sweater dress since I found out vintage versions exist.  I've had trouble finding them in my size, however, so it was a long search until a St. Louis trip!  I found this beauty in a shop with a few holes in it, so the price was great!  I simply stitched them up, shrunk the top in the dryer a bit to fit me, and it was ready to wear.

I LOVE this set, even though the color isn't the most flattering on me.  I think it's because it's my first sweater dress (and, currently, only one!). I paired it with a 30s-40s fur tilt hat I found, with its original box!  The neutral colors really let the textures shine, don't you think?

Outfit Details
hat and hat box: flea market
sweater dress: Ruth's Vintage Clothing (Cherokee Street, St. Louis)
stockings: vintage deadstock
shoes: Decades (Springfield, MO)
coat: thesarahmarieshop on Etsy


  1. What great finds! I personally love that oatmeal-y kind of colour, it suits the knit texture very well, as you so, and looks cosy and comforting. (And I think it suit you perfectly too). The hat-in-original-box is a great score too!

  2. Oh, I dream of one day creating a sweater dress from a vintage pattern. Can you imagine all the time that went into the hand made ones? All that knitting on teeny tiny needles with fingering weight yarn, ugh. That looks truly amazing on you and you have styled it so well.

    She Knits in Pearls

  3. That's so lovely! And such a great find! :-)

    I also *love* that coat. All around- wonderful outfit!

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  5. Simply lovely! It's a beautiful set and I do think it looks darling on you. I have my own sweater dress that is a color I'm not so keen on, but I want to try it out again after seeing your cute outfit! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  6. Lovely finds! I adore vintage hat boxes, I feel they are just so glamorous and of another time. I'd love to knit a sweater dress, I have so many knitting patterns for them but so little patience and skill. Maybe something to work up to!


  7. So cute! I think it's really flattering. I'm not normally one for sweater dresses but the vintage "version" of the modern trend is really nice!

  8. Great finds! It's so nice to find hats with their original boxes. I think it's a great looking outfit. I actually really like the neutral color. It allows for mixing and matching different color gloves, brooches, etc.

  9. I like the colour. Neutrals are always useful because they go with everything!

  10. Oh, everything about this outfit is amazing! The details of your sweater dress & coat are simply stunning!


  11. This dress is so fabulous! I've also been coveting vintage sweater dresses recently, so it's great to see someone wearing one so well in real life. And I like the neutral color, it seems like it would pair so well with colorful accessories. A nice pop of red in the shoes or a bright green scarf would look so pretty with it.
    Jessica, Zella Maybe

  12. How funny, both of our first sweater sets were this nude color! Like you, I don't think that it is the best shade on me, but I still love the set, and I honestly think this looks great on you! It has wonderful and unique details on it! I also love the hat!


  13. Darling, darling. :) I had no idea it was possible to still find a sweater dress - lucky you!

  14. The set is lovely Emileigh! I do wish you would do a post with tips on how to shrink your sweaters. I think a lot of people would be so happy to have some handy tips.

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  15. Absolutely gorgeous outfit! I really like the soft, classic hue of this sweater dress. It looks very lovely on you and is as much a neutral as, say, white, so I think it stands to get a lot of wardrobe play given how well it will go with various accessories, coats, shoes, etc.

    ♥ Jessica

  16. That dress looks so adorable! I'd like a shade such as that to wear about, it's such a lovely neutral. And your hat is super cute as well!!

  17. Oh, you ARE the picture of perfection. I love everything about this from head to toe. I'm incredibly jealous of your vintage shoe collection, I have only ever found one pair of 1940's shoes that have fit my feet, and they are almost falling apart. This pair is just stunning! The hat, the coat, everything together just makes for an absolutely flawless combination. So inspiring!

  18. This is a marvellous outfit, I really like the way that you have styled it. Your hat sets it all off perfectly and what a find to get the hat box too!

  19. I'm reading back through some of your posts now and you've got such a great sense of style. Had to stop by and say this dress is *gorgeous*! I am so envious! And that's coming from more of a 50s fashion kinda girl... CC x

  20. I've been reading back through your posts as well and you've really got some lovely pieces. I totally understand your current wardrobe identity crisis, but I also adore your outfits like this. I love these sweater dresses. I'm planning on making myself a set at some point in the future. The detailing on that coat is really gorgeous, too!

    1. Thank you, Evie! I do like a lot of the outfits I've had, but I'm not sure they really represent who I am these days, not as well as they could.
      This sweater dress will be staying around, though! I like it too! And I also have aspirations of knitting my own... but SO much work. Just a sweater almost kills me!