A Christmas E-Card for You!

So I am a slacker newlywed and I decided to forego the actually-printed Christmas cards to mail out this year.  Quite honestly, I don't particularly like life logistics (those detaily things like paying bills, renewing license plates, you know, all those things you have to remember to keep adult life going), and I didn't feel like adding another task in.  Slacker, I know.  

However, I am not without a little bit of Christmas card redemption!  Here is a Christmas card for all of you!  Seriously, if I was going to send out a card to my friends and family, it would look exactly like this.  (Yep, didn't even schedule a real photo shoot.  I'll do better next year.)

Flashback Summer: A Christmas E-Card for You!
I'm going to make this blog post short so you can go make memories in "real life" off the blogosphere right now! :)  Merry Christmas everyone!  I'll see you in January!


  1. This is darling! I too used to make beautiful cards by hand, but the last two Christmases have been purchased cards *sigh*

    You reminded me that I forgot to post our Christmas photo on my blog! Oops!


  2. How charmingly lovely! I hope that you're both having a fun filled, beautiful holiday season! The first spent together and husband and wife is one that you'll never forget!

    ♥ Jessica