18 Ideas for a Home Dinner for Two

Flashback Summer: 18 Ideas for a Home Dinner for Two

These days of being newly married have been lovely, I will say.  However, sometimes it's nice to get out of the routine and make a really nice dinner, especially during this holiday season when you might need a chance to give that special someone a gift or to spend quality time together before the onslaught of relatives. (I say "onslaught" nicely.) However, many times there isn't room in the schedule or the budget, especially at this time of year, to go out to a nice restaurant, and this is where creativity comes in!  Here are some of the ways you can make a dinner for two extra special:

Low Effort
These tips are simple to do in only a few minutes!

- Eat by candlelight or Christmas lights.
- Sit at the table with each other. No phones, no TV. 
- Play instrumental music in the background.
- Make a beverage for a "cocktail hour" or dessert to have after dinner.
- Take time to have coffee or tea after your meal.
- Eat with chopsticks (or forks, or your hands, whichever isn't your norm!).

Medium Effort
These ideas will take a little more effort and planning, but they are worth it!

- Prepare a meal made entirely of pins from your significant other's Pinterest board.
- Add a nice tablecloth and centerpiece to your dinner table.
- Get out the fine china and use it for dinner.
- Spread a blanket on the floor and have an inside picnic.
- Try another culture's food together.
- Make a meal incorporating different milestones or memories in your relationship.  Food from a special restaurant, or an umbrella in the drink to remember that fabulous trip, etc.

High Effort
These tips can take a lot of time and effort, but the results are memorable!

- Do a holiday meal, even if it isn't the right time of year!  Decorate the table and have a mini Thanksgiving in March or Christmas in July meal.
- Make a tent in a room of your home and light it with candles and Christmas lights.  Throw in some pillows for comfort, and eat dinner in the fort!
- Dress up and have a fancy dinner at home.  Then move furniture around as necessary to make a dance floor.  
- Plan a new kind of meal you've never tried before and cook it together.
- Make an entire dinner of things on skewers.  Fruit, vegetables, meat kabobs, desserts, lots of options!  To get extra fancy, make sauces to go with them.
- Have a themed dinner.  Whether it's based on a movie, story, or character that your significant other enjoys, go all out!  Perhaps some Elvis PB and banana sandwiches, a hobbit second breakfast, a 1920s dinner in Cairo, or a Regency era-appropriate meal would be up your alley.  For extra flair, dress up according to the theme.


  1. I keep trying this with my husband! But I can't get him away from the tv and his dinner on a tray!

  2. Super ideas! We quite often make an effort to light some candles and put some music on, but I'm loving the idea of an indoor picnic, might have to try that out over Christmas! x