Guest Post at Dear Mr. Rabbit: Finding Your Vintage Niche

Taygan over at Dear Mr. Rabbit has let me do a guest post for her today!  I've written on how to find your niche in the vintage world, a style already "niched" and non-mainstream.  It can be tough to find a unique style in such an already unique community, but it can be done!  A flattering, one-of-a-kind, signature look CAN be yours if you cultivate it!

You can find the full post here!

(And follow Taygan's blog, while you're at it.  I just discovered it, and it's great.  Not to mention the delightful lady behind it who has been SUCH a joy to get to know a bit more in this guest blogging process!)

Flashback Summer Guest Post on Dear Mr. Rabbit:  Finding Your Vintage Niche - Building a Unique Vintage Wardrobe

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  1. Very cool topic to write about! Off to read and enjoy the post at once.

    ♥ Jessica