6 Non-Joann Modern Novelty Print Sources

As I mentioned in a previous post, I and seemingly most others in the vintage world love a good novelty print.  However, although there are thousands of garments with novelty prints available, there are far fewer pieces of novelty fabric that can be used to make one's own garment.  Especially if you want something unique or have not-so-common measurements, making your own clothing can become necessary.

However, like I said, what to do it with?  Vintage novelty fabrics are not as available and can become quite expensive.  Not to mention, oftentimes there aren't very large pieces available.  What's a girl to do?

Enter modern novelty fabrics.

Before you reject them as inauthentic, let me explain and show you some options.  Modern fabrics are generally cheaper, sturdier, and readily available in large amounts.  If you look, you can find modern prints that look vintage, too.  Adorableness, like the vintage playsuit Frances made with modern fabric, is waiting to be created.  Here are 6 non-Joann sources I have found for cute, new-but-vintage-appropriate novelty prints:

There's a large array of prints here, including this cotton-linen fan print I adore:
I can envision so many fabulous things made out of this!!!

This is quilting cotton for Christmas, but it's pretty dang adorable anyway.  I like the addition of the blue, a nice change for a Christmas fabric:

From the writer of Vintage Notions (which I LOVE and reviewed here), comes this fabric shop.  This site sells home decorating fabrics, but some may still be appropriate for garments (thicker, stiffer pieces).  It includes fabric like this postage inspired one:
And also this whimsical bird fabric:

This site has a good selection of novelty prints, including some with a retro feel, like this adorable food themed one:
Or this also food themed, but specifically sushi-inspired fabric!  Doesn't sushi sound great right now?!  (I'm writing this pre-lunch...)

This site has a bunch of really unique prints, even including some Frida Kahlo-inspired ones!  I really loved this cute mason jar print:
and this creative take on a stripe: zippers!

I found this interesting old schooner sketch fabric.  It's a little less flamboyant than other novelty prints and works for a subtle theme:
and I couldn't resist this other nautically-themed fabric.  (This company also ships worldwide!)

Do you know of any other good novelty print sources we could all benefit from?

I have no relationship with any of the companies listed above at the present time.  I am not receiving any compensation for these recommendations.


  1. I love that second floral that you posted, really lovely! You can also have custom fabrics printed, which might be nice for someone trying to find something really specific.

    1. Yes, that's also very true. Spoonflower I know does that, but you have to create the design yourself, don't you?

    2. I think provided you're using open source images (or possibly just not selling the fabric or things made from it), you could probably use prints that other people have designed. I'm not sure about the exact laws applicable, but I think a lot of vintage prints would probably fall under fair use.

    3. Hmmmm, yeah, I'm not sure about that. I'm going to have to look it up.

  2. My favorites are the mail theme and the vegetables with utensils theme. They're all really cute. Wish I was better at sewing!

    1. Novelty skirts really aren't hard to make at all, if it was something you ever wanted to try! Stephanie at "Girl With the Star-Spangled Heart" did a dirndl skirt (an easy gathered skirt with a waistband) sew-along that would be really helpful. This kind of skirt is sewn with all straight lines and no fanciness, so it might be a good beginning project!
      Here is the intro post to it: http://star-spangledheart.blogspot.com/2014/06/announcing-dirndl-skirt-sew-along.html

  3. What a handy, wonderful post! I'm not a sewer myself, but I adore a great novelty fabric and love being aware of where to source them in case I do ever need any for one of my own craft projects or to give as gifts to sewer friends. Really lovely post, dear Em!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I love the top print with the fans <3

    1. Yeah, the fans and birds are my favorite, too. :)