Week of Pre-Wedded Bliss.... Sort Of...

Last Monday as I laid on the couch watching HGTV and feeling absolutely, horribly sick, I turned to my mother and asked, "So when does the week of wedded bliss start?"

You see, dear readers, as many of you may have wondered about my last post that was picture-less, my plans went a bit awry earlier this week.  I did graduate without tripping and wore my new graduation outfit and got to spend time with mine and Jacob's families afterward.  That part was lovely.  This picture sums up the moms' reactions, I think:

Then, for the two days after that, I worked on getting everyone on my dorm floor checked out and officially moved out, cleaning everything up, doin' my Resident Assistant deal.  That, of course, is one of my least favorite parts of the year, but it was my last time doing it and my amazing parents and fiance helped me do it.  Thus, it went much faster than normal and was not nearly as traumatic as it could have been.

Then Sunday was great!  My whole family is in the United States right now (quite a feat, I assure you), so for the first time in a long time we, with Jacob, went to church together, ate at a fun local pub in a small Missouri town, went to the Springfield Artsfest 2014, then finished at the Aviary with way too many crepes because of a mistake in the kitchen!  Best day ever!

However, the next day, doom set in.  I woke up not feeling very well, but I met my mom, sister, and friend for coffee that morning thinking that some tea and a bit of food would help settle the nausea and I would be fine.  However, I just felt worse as time went on and ended up leaving early to go back to the house I was staying at.

By the afternoon, I was really not doing well.  (This is why my last post didn't have pictures.  I was praying for death and didn't remember to edit it.)  With a mix of flu and food poisoning-like symptoms (although it turned out to be neither and was actually a virus), it was basically the worst ever.  (And I've experienced food poisoning in Africa, so that's saying something.)  My family ended up taking me to the hospital where I got a bunch of liquids put in intravenously because I was really dehydrated and my blood pressure was super low.  My first emergency hospital visit!

This is me getting re-hydrated.  Apparently it can make you feel really cold, which is why I have six blankets on me.  But look at that guy!  Best guy in the world!
So Jacob has seen me at pretty much my worst and he's, apparently, still in and wanting to get married on Saturday.  Woohoo!  So the plans are still a go!

However, on the bright side, this week Jacob and I signed the papers on our first home together, a SUPER cute little rental home that I'll be posting about soon!  It's really an answer to prayer.  Like I said... you'll hear more about it soon.  It's just too good!

All that to say, now I'm doing well.  I've done a LOT of resting the past few days and rehydrated, and I'll be ready to go on Saturday.  I'll just be takin' it easy and enjoying the fun times that come with all my favorite people around!


  1. Oh, what a shame! I do hope that the virus releases its grip on you so that you can really enjoy your wedding. Good news on your new home.

    All the best for Saturday!!

  2. Sorry to hear you were ill but hope you're feeling better! Can't wait to hear about the new house :)

  3. Sweetheart, I'm truly sorry that you were so ill. How are you doing now? I hope with all my heart that this virus doesn't have leave any lingering impacts on you and that you'll soon be feeling as right as rain again. Thank you for sharing with us about this stressful, awful experience.

    Endless healing hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I'm much better now! I felt pretty much 100% by the wedding day, just a bit more tired than normal on the days preceding. But now I'm all good! Wooo!

  4. Happy you're feeling better and hopefully wedding bliss is setting in.

  5. Oh gosh! I hope you're feeling better! That sounds quite scary, but good to have so many people that care about you there and for support!

    Wishing you all the best on your big day!


  6. I am so sorry you had to deal with this before you beautiful day.