Busy Moving In!

Now that the wedding festivities are over, Jacob and I have begun the arduous process of moving into our new home!  Since all of my blogging supplies are still in boxes and we don't have internet connected at our house yet, the posts will still be coming slow.  However, as soon as we're a bit more settled, the posting shall be back with a vengeance!  I'm near to bursting with fun post ideas!

Meanwhile, unpacking and decorating.....

I'm especially pleased with how the kitchen is shaping up so far!

To keep me inspired,here is some amazing home inspiration from Midcentury Home Style:

I ADORE the black and gold glam bathroom, and I'm also very impressed with the fold-down counter and desk space of the last kitchen pictured.  Which one is your favorite?


  1. These are all massively swoon-worthily fantastic, but I think it's the first image, the large kitchen that speaks to me most of all, because I've yet to live anywhere as an adult that had a large kitchen and I soooo want to some day.

    Best of luck with moving in!

  2. Looking at these amazing vintage photos reminded me of a wonderful vintage video made in 1949 called "The Step Saving Kitchen". Here is the link, I thought you might enjoy it.


    1. This IS awesome!!! I was ooo-ing and aaah-ing through the whole video? How can I recreate that kitchen?!