Hairnet Styling

A couple weeks ago, Joanna of Dividing Moments held a giveaway in which I and several other ladies each won a couple vintage hairnets!  Along with a very cute card, Joanna sent me a couple of dark blonde hair nets made of real hair.

I won't lie, it was a little strange to get them out of the package and think about how they're real hair.  I studied them a bit, and one had an elastic loop on the edge, and the other didn't.  I opted for the elastic one to try out because I figured it would be easier to get and keep on.

I divided my hair in half and styled the back part into a roll.  I put on the hair net and pin curled a bunch of pieces all over the front until I thought it looked right.  The front pin curls helped cover the edge of the hair net.

This back-roll style usually exasperates me with its reluctance to stay in place even when I use a million bobby pins.  But... I really like it.  I did find that the hairnet really helped  to keep that back roll in place much better than the roll on its own.

However, the hair net was made for someone with a lot thicker hair than me because it was pretty big.  I think if I included more hair from the front section, it may have worked better.  Or just had thicker hair.  I simply took all the extra hair net and tucked and pinned it around the edges under the rolls.  I also added a hair clip to secure the hair net more, and it also helped disguise it a bit.

I think, overall, hair nets can definitely be useful, but I think I'm going to have to play with them a bit more to get the hang of them!  Thanks to Joanna for letting me have this opportunity to try them out!


  1. Your hairstyle looks so professional. I love the back. I'm amazed you could get it to look so nice from the back too:) This is difficult when you have to style your own hair. I'd certainly say the hairnet has a 40s flair to it. Looks grand on you! Thank you for trying them out. I'm enjoying reading all these reviews. So fun!

    1. Thanks so much, Joanna! Yeah, by the time I got around to taking these photos I had worn the hairstyle all day, so it had quite a few flyaways that had been blown about in the spring windiness... but I'm glad it didn't show too much! Thanks for sending them to me; it was really fun to try!