Veteran's Day in the U.S.

Mrs. Eloise J. Ellis
In the U.S. and other countries around the world, men and women have honorably served in the armed forces.  Today in the U.S. it's Veterans' Day, the day that we honor our service members, both past and present.  Formerly known as Armistice Day, or the day that officially ended World War I, it marks the anniversary of the end of the first modern war and also the formation of a new kind of veteran.

Our modern veterans have faced a myriad of challenges that would have been unimaginable to past generations, but they have risen to these challenges.  Take a moment to thank a veteran or current military person today!

Below I've included some ways to thank these people you may have in your lives.  Use your best judgment and knowledge of the person to determine how you thank them because, just like everyone else, veterans are all different and will appreciate some acts of gratitude more than others!

5 Ways to Thank a Veteran:

- Ask to hear his or her story and write it down, film, or record it for future generations.

- Buy him or her a nice steak dinner.  (I find that good food, in general, is a great way to thank someone!)

- Write a heartfelt card thanking her for her service.

- Give medals, ribbons, flags, awards, etc. a proper display case.

- See if he or she has any military buddies they haven't seen in a while, and bring them in for a party or visit.

5 Ways to Thank an Active Duty/ Deployed Serviceperson:

- Send him a box of beef jerky.  (No joke, this is a high-demand item.)

- Offer to do or pay for a family photo shoot for her and her family.

- Hand-write a letter expressing your gratitude.

- Create a video full of personal messages from loved ones that you can email to him to encourage his heart and let him know he is loved, respected, and missed.

- Do or provide something for his or her family while he or she is away.  Help fix the screen door, create a carpool for the kids, give his wife a manicure gift card, get some game tickets for her husband.  Show you support the whole family and take some pressure off the deployed family member.

a WAVE and a soldier, May 1943.


  1. Beautiful post and way to honour those who helped ensure freedom reigned when the dust of war finally settled at long last.

    Have a lovely Veteran's Day,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Great post, thanks for sharing!
    Also wanted to let you know my hospitality package arrived! I love it, thanks so much!