Happy Birthday!

Flashback Summer: Happy Birthday! - love/ life/ vintage couple photoshoot/ military

! كل سنة و انت طيب يا يعقوب
Or, in other words... Happy Birthday, Jacob!

Yes, indeed, today is my boyfriend's birthday.  Now, I will attempt not to get too gushy with all of this ("No, you hang up first.  No, you! No, you do it!"  None of that), but I do want to share with you guys a person who is extremely important and influential in my life.

Jacob is the first boyfriend I've ever had (I know, it's pretty crazy), and he'll be the last one!  I think we can agree that it's difficult to find good guys these days, and it's even harder to find good, mature guys that are responsible and integrous.  Jacob is all these things, and I'm really proud of him.  

Flashback Summer: Happy Birthday! - love/ life/ vintage couple photoshoot/ military

Top 10 things I like about Jacob:
- He loves football deeply and is willing to teach me about it.  (My dad was a businessman and music composer as I grew up.  Ain't no sports at my house.)
- Even though he loves football and meat and is a very manly man, he's perfectly happy to comb flea markets with me hunting for hats.
- He makes funny gear-shifting car sounds and voices when he's bored on a road trip.
- Some of his favorite things to do are research hot topics in our society and formulate his opinions on them and how to back them up.
- When I brought up the idea that I would like to join the military, too, he was 100% supportive, excited, and encouraging about it.  My dreams are of equal importance to him as his own.
- He loves meat.  Probably one of the top ways we celebrate anything is by going to Texas Roadhouse.  And I love that.
- He has never yelled at or insulted me, even in a disagreement.  He keeps his cool remarkably and is very understanding.
- We have physical and emotional boundaries/guidelines in our dating relationship because we want to live out what the Bible says, have a healthy relationship with each other, and to build a good foundation for a lasting marriage.  He is the first to uphold these guidelines and never pressures me to do anything I'm uncomfortable with.  Literally, never.
- He makes really good sweet tea (as in the American, southern-style, iced tea with lots of sugar).  Pretty sure it's the nectar of the gods.
- He loves Jesus more than anything or anyone else in the world, including me.  At first, that doesn't sound very romantic, but it's actually the best quality a guy could have!  Jacob centers his whole life on interacting with and following God and showing that to others.  What does that look like?  He puts others first, treats everyone with respect, leads with integrity, loves selflessly, and serves me and others to the point of self-sacrifice.  That's a good man, right there.

Well, this post got a little gushy, but it's kind of a requirement when one writes about the love of one's life.  I hope I didn't get too sappy for you guys and you enjoyed getting to know about a very special person in my life!

Eating a giant cookie sundae on one of our dates
Flashback Summer: Happy Birthday! - love/ life/ vintage couple photoshoot/ military

Flashback Summer: Happy Birthday! - love/ life/ couple photoshoot
On a hiking trip
Flashback Summer: Happy Birthday! - love/ life/ vintage couple photoshoot/ military
Sophomore year banquet
Flashback Summer: Happy Birthday! - love/ life/ couple photoshoot/ military
Seeing him for the first time in two months at his graduation from Air Force Basic Military Training
Flashback Summer: Happy Birthday! - love/ life/ couple photoshoot
The time I took him to Silver Dollar City for "the best Christmas tradition ever"... and it poured all night and was freezing.


  1. Aww! You two are so cute! And yay for finding such a good Christan guy.

  2. This is such a touching, sweet, beautiful post and way to honour the wonderfully special man in your life. Happiest birthday wishes, Jacob!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. You two are so adorable! Thank him for serving our country for me!

  4. Any chance he will share his recepie for sweet tea? I live in Denmark and never tried proper souther sweet tea since I have only been to the northern parts of the states with unsweetend tea.

    1. Of course! I'll put it up in the next couple weeks. Glad to share!