Top 7 1940s Cold Weather Trends

1.  Knitted Turbans
Okay, seriously, how flippin' adorable is this headscarf/turban?!?!  What a great way to use some yarn odds and ends!  I think I'm going to have to get the pattern for myself...
Buy the pattern here!

2.  High Heel Boots/ Shoe Covers
I.  Adore.  These.
From here.

3. Whimsical Stocking Caps
Super great for bad, winter-static hair days, too!
Buy the pattern here!

4.  Glamorous Muffs
Look at the amazingness of this outfit.  I just die.
Image from here

5.  Warm Suits
This one even has a matching scarf!  How fabulous is that?!  This suit, especially, makes my heart melt.  Just gorgeous.
Buy it here.

6.  Wool Stockings
Cozy and cute!  It's a goal of mine to make some of my own someday.
Try these here.

Probably the best, most iconic of 1940s winter fashions.  Find it in hats, muffs, shoes, gloves, coats, capes, pretty much any sort of clothing item!

What are some of your favorite vintage winter trends?  Any you'd especially love to incorporate into your looks?


  1. LOVE the turban! Wish I could knit!! :( And those boots!!!

  2. That suit with the matching scarf is sooooooo amazing! LOVE it!

  3. These are great!! By the way, I tried sending you my mailing address for your hospitality prize but the email keeps getting kicked back. Not sure why, could be on my end but I just wanted to give you a heads up.

    1. That is SO weird. I don't understand why it's doing that either! Would you mind trying me on facebook? I'm so sorry about that.

  4. Love this wonderful post! After a zillion and a half years of wanting one, I finally found a vintage muff (it's not huge my any means, but it's in good shape for it's age, which I'd peg to be 70-85 years old) this past weekend at a total bargain ($10) to boot. I'm so looking forward to keeping my hands toasty in it all winter long.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. A $10 muff?! How fabulous! That's amazing!!! I have a purse that a guy thought was a muff today, and I was kinda sad. I wished it was a muff, because they're awesome. I'm glad you found a good one to use during this cold weather!

  5. Muffs, scarves, stockings, and fur is definitely how I stay warm in the winter in Denver! Though I'm not sure anytime I have currently is as beautiful / cute as the photos you found.


    1. Yeah, I'm lacking in such cute winter wear! I'm finding that I have a lot of warmer weather vintage wear, but winter stuff seems harder to find, I think. Or it's more expensive!