Rainy Spring Wish Outfit

Spring has arrived!  It has been evidenced here by plenty of rain.  I'm believing in faith that the May flowers really are going to benefit from all this.  It's not too enjoyable to walk about in, but that's probably due to the fact that I'm not very prepared for wet weather, I've discovered...

So, I've been researching for vintage rain gear.  I LOVE this clear coat I found on Etsy!  If anyone runs across an extra small one, PLEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEE tell me!  It's just perfect!

I'm also keeping my eye out for some heeled rain shoes like the ones shown below.  WHY do they not make these anymore?!  Brilliant!

I really love this entire outfit.  It's all great stuff.  I love the gray and silver trims on the dress and umbrella; it's just all so fun!  Good to have a bright, vibrant color on a dreary day, I think!  And it's always good to have a little rain bonnet on hand.  I used to laugh when I saw old ladies wear them to keep them perms intact..... but I'm DEFINITELY seeing the perks to having one..... 

Flashback Summer:  Rainy Spring Wish Outfit
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  1. It is officially Rainy Season here where I live and it would be amazing to be able to sport the rain shoes you've shown here. How adorable! The clear rain coat (with chic silhouette) also assures that it will coordinate with every outfit. Sigh. Awesome.