A Passel of Policy!

Flashback Summer- a passel of policy, new disclosure policy

Hey my blogosphere peeps!

So recently my mom got me a book on all things blogging, and apparently the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has passed a law in the U.S. saying that all U.S.-based bloggers need to have a disclosure policy to let you guys, the readers, know what our motivations are when we talk about products or review them.  Who knew, right?  What this means is that the government takes bloggers seriously!  Woohoo!  So, in an effort to, you know, be a law-abiding citizen and embrace my empowerment as a blogger, I thought I'd be sure to have a policy for you guys to see (suppressing the part of me that instinctually just wants to rail against "the man").  

My blog is about vintage lifestyle and old-school hospitality.  I created this blog in an effort to connect with other vintage lovers and form friendships to share the vintage passion, which I'm currently lacking in my local area.  I also created it to tie in with my Etsy shop and, along with other possible venues like sponsorship, create a bit of income and get some resources to help me fund my own vintage habit.  (I'm hoping that poor young person + initiative and drive = arm of bakelite bangles and wall of hats, in the long run!)

That being said, here are some things you should know about posts I have done and will continue to do:

If someone sent me a "freebie", I'll let you guys know that it was given to me.  However, just because it was free doesn't mean that I will automatically sing its praises.  I will honestly and thoughtfully review the item for you guys and let you know my true thoughts about it, whether negative or positive.

If I'm being paid to review an item, the same thing will apply.  I'll let you guys know, and the sponsor is not guaranteed a good review.  They are guaranteed an honest review.

In the case that I have some sort of relationship with something I'm promoting, I'll tell you guys that relationship too.  A good one from here on out that will always apply:  I, Emileigh, the Flashback Summer blogger, own the Flashback Summer Etsy shop as well.  I also have a Flashback Summer Facebook page.  Don't want to throw anyone off with that one.  :)

Also, I'm not being paid to write any of the posts on my blog (though if you would like to work out an arrangement to where I would be, I would be up for discussing it....).  If some opportunity comes up to where I would be paid to write about a certain topic, I would make that clear in the post.

Basically, what this whole disclosure policy waters down to is.....

I'll be honest about everything I talk about on here, and I shall not lead you astray!

Whether it's a blush or shoes or highlighting a store, I'll be real and tell you guys my true thoughts, opinions, and feelings whether the item came to me free, paid for, or not!

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