Intercultural Vintage

Native Designs + Vintage

1940s Arabesque

“God Is Good” Khanga Dress

1950s Maasai Shuka Skirt

Maasai-Inspired 1940s Blouse

Maasai-Inspired Ensemble

Egyptian Ramadan Skirt


1950s Middle Eastern Circle Skirt

Match-Lacking Novelty Print


Ancient Egyptian Skirt

1940s + Thai

West African Fabric

Kanga Dress

Antelope Women Earrings

1930s Zanzibar Dress

Chinese Garden of Friendship

Moroccan + 1960s Progress

Moroccan-1960s Fusion Dress

Egypt in the 20s-40s

Vintage-Maldives Fusion Dress

African & 1930s Trends

Comoros-Vintage Dress

Middle East Novelty Prints

Bergundy Bedouin

Found at Last!

Middle East Adventurer

1930s/40s Panama

Wearing Deer Hunters

Zanzibar Dress Fashion Photos

1935 Zanzibar Block Print Dress

10 New Scarves to Add to Your Wardrobe

9 Ways to Style a Kaftan


  1. Love your blog! I'm your mom's age but also share the vintage interest in combination with international fabrics of countries I have been in such as in Asia and East Africa and also Liberty tana Lawn. I find it challenging to find the right modern or vintage dress patterns that make the garments not look too 'out of place'. Many of the East African cotton jaquard tie-dye and batik prints I have made into 60-70's dress, sundress or maxi dress or skirts or simple shirts or skirts from vintage patterns from a stash or hand drafted. Like you I also like to sew garments from the 20's up to modern. It is refreshing to see someone as young as you are with such creativity pushing intercultural boundaries in vintage sewing!

    1. Well thank you very much! It's definitely a process of learning and discovery to try to create respectful, unique pieces.