Tongue-Tied Blouse Resources

I've finished my Tongue Tied Blouse by the Poison Grrls! I absolutely *love* it and will definitely be making it again... a few dozen more times!

One of the things that I've really enjoyed about this pattern is that it has stretched me as a knitter. I don't use modern patterns a lot, and--believe it or not--some new developments have happened in knitting over the last 80 years, ha! I was able to learn several new-to-me techniques throughout this project. 

If you're like me, however, you learn through trial and error. And more trial and more error! There were several parts of the sweater that I had to frog and redo a couple times, but I believe the finished project and increased skills are definitely worth it.

During my trials and errors, I found several helpful resources that made things clear for me. Hopefully they can be helpful to you as well!

Wrap & Turn
I had never knitted a project with short rows like this one has to make the sleeves, so wrapping and turning was also new to me. I thought I understood the instructions, but after I made a sleeve and it was CLEARLY done incorrectly, I looked up a tutorial and learned the proper way. This tutorial from Purl Soho explains well!

Picking Up Stitches
One of the things I had to do several times was pick up stitches along the armholes and neck hole; I just couldn't seem to space out the picked up stitches right the first time! But, you know, a couple tries later and it was figured out. Here's a good tutorial on how to pick up stitches.

Binding off
I loathe a ribbing bind off that is less stretchy than the rib itself. I've tried many methods over the years, and "Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off" is my big winner! It *is* very stretchy, and it creates a nice edge on the sweater.

Have you made this pattern or any of the other Poison Grrls patterns? (If so, drop a link! I'd love to see it!)

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